What to watch next?

So I’ve never been one to watch a lot of the Gundam series and I’ve never read a single manga so I’m lost on about 80% of where these gundams are coming from. So I’m asking for some recommendations on what series I should download/buy next. I’ve seen Wing, Seed, Destiny, 00, War In The Pocket, 08th MS Team and I’ve only seen the first like 3 episodes of the originals. What would you guys recommend to watch next? I’ve strapped on money and space on my computer otherwise I’d just get them all.

G, Endless Waltz (unless youre counting this in your already watching Wing), Stardust Memory (another personal fav), Zeta (series was ok, Movies were awesome but the latter retcons ZZ), ZZ (never seen this personally but ive heard some good stuff about it lol), Chars Counter Attack (Freakin awesome!), F91 (very good and should have been a series or at best an OVA), and last but not least SEED Stargazer (A MUST SEE!!!). I haven’t Seen AGE yet, but once ive seen it all, ill give you my analysis on it. Oh and I Highly Recommend Unicorn…

Also, and this is just for something In case youre interested, give SD Sengokuden Brave Battle Warriors a spin. I personally love it, but that’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve really enjoyed Unicorn so far. I recommend that. BTW, where have you watched these shows Tiger? Sorry for hijacking.

Go here to find your Gateway Gundam Series.

Well, Zeta’s already said it.

If I were you, I’d try to watch the very first Gundam show (0079) first, considering it’ll once again be all the rage and focus in 2014.
Watch it meticolously and attempt to grasp just as much as possible if you want to participate in discussions and so on.

Well I did that and I got G-Gundam the first go round. Funny thing, I’ve already seen it, I completely forgot about G form back in my Toonami days. Anyways, second go I got Char’s Counterattck…but I feel like I should watch the original before that, right? I watched Destiny before Seed and enjoyed it but I think I would have enjoyed Destiny more if I had watched them in order.

Yeah in order to understand CCA, you got to watch at best Original, Zeta and ZZ in order to figure it out, but if youre just looking for a good watch its still enjoyable. also I highly recommend watching Stardust memory in order to understand the events between War in the Pocket and Zeta…As for Stargazer, you didn’t need to watch the first two, its awesome all the same. As for Unicorn, yes you may have to watch the First four to understand Unicorn but as I said about CCA if your looking for a good watch is still a must see. but honestly watch F91, it has no ties to the Zeonic Conflict and is way into the future so it isn’t necessary to watch the others…great movie

Original 0079, it’s a must. Don’t pass that up.

I concur. And plus it’s mandatory LOL.