What to watch next?

I’m looking through a list for potential anime to watch next Kurau Phantom Memory, Noein, or Rahxephon. I’ve heard good things about all three and its part of the reason I’m kinda stuck right now trying to think of which one to watch next. Opinions? The last two I watched was Black Lagoon (awesome anime) and S-cry-ed (acctually seen in years ago, I just rewatched it, another fun anime to watch) and I’m not sure what I’m in the mood for next

Well I’m stuck again, I acctually watched Zoids and I just finished Tiger and Bunny, gotta say one of the most fun and enjoyable animes I’ve seen in a while, I may even review it. What to watch next?

Have you by any chance seen Escaflowne?

what are you in the mood for? mecha, comedy, fighting, etc.?

I’m pretty sure I did a review of that years ago when I still worked/ran a anime site, I may rewatch it since it was good, not in the mood for that one

I think I want something fun but serious, kinda like how Tiger and Bunny was or Black Lagoon or to a lesser extent Zoids