What should my first RG be?

I eventually want to try building a real grade. I’ve built many HGs and 3 MG (as well as a boot leg MG and a Full Mechanics), so I’m pretty good with gunpla. (It might be awhile before I buy one, but I want to start planning on what to get).

At the moment, the RG I’m looking at are:

RG Wing Gundam (the newest one)

RG Zeong

RG Hi Nu Gundam (the newest one)

or maybe the RG Tallgeese.

Would any of these be a good first RG or is there something that would be a better start? Also I know to stay away from the early RG, I’ve heard about how bad the inner frame can get.

Out of those 4 I’ve only build the Zeong, very solid kit, but I hear the Nu is very good as well.

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My first one was the RG Zaku II.

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I haven’t build one tho I do have a RG RX 78 and Char Zaku. Personally I think the RG Zeong would be a good kit to get. It looks very solid from the pictures that I’ve seen.

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My first RG was the Aile Strike so that’s where my vote goes. Simple build and the resulting figure is fun to pose and fiddle with.

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Mine was the Mk.II. Loved that kit to death. But out of those, I’d get the Hi-Nu. I personally want the kit very badly, but I refuse to pay the markup on it right now.

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Did not build one but did acquired some.

For choosing the kit to build, always thought that you should build the one that you like and/or interest you more, in terms of series, looks, or gimmicks. That way, if for whatever reasons, you have less drive than before to finish it, at least you probably will not end up hating it.

In terms of release time from your list, Tallgeese was the oldest one, then Zeong, Wing Gundam TV version (sort of), and finally Hi-Nu.

In terms of complexity, have not built or acquire any of them, but based on reviews, it would probably be Tallgeese, Wing Gundam, Zeong, and then Hi-Nu. Probably.

In terms of price, MSRP in yen anyway, will be Tallgeese being the cheapest, Wing, Hi-Nu, and Zeong. If you want the Zeong Last Shooting version, it will cost about $20 USD or so more.

The availability of these kits or any GunPla right now were all out of whack, so you might want to take what you can get.