What’s your FAVORITE MS design?

I’m curious: Out of all the Mobile Suits that have appeared in all of the different Gundam universes, games, manga, etc; what’s your FAVORITE MS design, and why?

Geara Doga, because the HG kit is a really fun build.

Exia, it’s what got me back into the hobby. Been full metal since lol.

Anything Dom related (Rick Doms, Dom Tropens, Dreissens, etc). I liked the unique look to them and their first appearance in the original show really stood out to me.

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Im a stickler for most mono eye MS

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Zaku II Desert Type. back when I was 16 I went to my first Anime Convention, Project Akon '96 and I came to a vendor that had 80’s Gunpla models (I didn’t know anything about Gundam in those days) stacked up on two folding tables and the Desert Type artwork caught my eye so I purchased it and went home to build it. I don’t have that model anymore due me getting lacquer thinner on it and it ate the poor thing up so I had to toss it. However, I got another one recently and it’s a work in progress. I love the redesign of the original Zaku II and the cooling backpack gives the design an overall more primitive appearance. I just wish they had come up with a newer model years ago and not made the current one a P-Bandai exclusive.

Zeon Mobile suits. Mostly because of the mono eye and the all around look of the suits is what got me hooked on Zeon Mobile suits, and because they always looked so much more badass than the feddie suits.

I’m a big fan of the G-Bouncer (Gundam Age)design. In general I am a fan of any white suit with a contrasting color but that specific design just speaks to me with it’s Talgeese like verniers and weaponized shield it is the kind of suit I want to pilot.