What really happened in Russia

What really happen in Russia. (just humor)

(Still Condolences to our Russian Brothers that got hit by the Meteor.)

Nonono, that was Junius 7 and its segments

A small percentage of dinosaurs survived the last meteor strike. It came back to finish the extinction.

But on a serious note, an asteroid just passed Earth, claimed by sources.

The Union is attacking the HRL lol

You sir, just made my day if I had a hat I’d tip it off to you.

Is char aznable alive already ?

What do you mean my friend?

lol @ Deathscythe!

Wait … Char Aznable has apparently figured out how to travel back in time.

Obviously it’s a fragment of Axis or Libra.

It could be Vegeta.

It was only one, so it might have been Raditz.

I think there is a baby inside that meteor. Who ever finds that baby, please either name it John/Rose/Dave/Jade and make everyone’s day.

??? I dont Follow the Joke Paladin, could you elaborate?

…Let me tell you about Homestuck.