What Phone You Got?

You have to understand/apprehend : I’m a student attending to fairly boring classes such as : Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Music … I have to attend to them, there’s 12-14 subjects on average in Germany … -.-

You have to understand/apprehend //be clarified : I’m a student attending to fairly boring classes such as : Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Music … I have to attend to them, there’s 12-14 subjects on average in Germany … -.-

subjects as in class units or just twelve different subjects in general?

in general.


Biology (Science)

That’s 14. You’re able to comprehend how buy I am (supposed to be.)

Early next year, I believe. And it turns out there will be 7 episodes instead of 6. Hopefully the OVA will actually all be released next year. The original one episode every six months release schedule has already slipped quite a bit…

Yeah, it’s supposed to be released in spring according to Wiki. I’m excited to see the end, because Unicorn is bad ass.

What about originating Gundam Unicorn in 3d? Presuming 3D had been introduced and published before producing Gundam Unicorn was initiated, I assume it is supposed to be enabled for us to view/watch it in 3d.

Speaking of which : Have you been acquainted with games enabling two people to play with each other? I’d be assisting to possess any to seize my boredom in chemistry.

Don’t have one.

Why? If someone needs to talk to me, I like to make 'em try.

I got a mid-range smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Ace. I’m not planning to upgrade anytime sooner as I feel pretty much content with what I can do my phone right now. Oh yes… It’s rooted… and I’m loving it more. :slight_smile:

I might be a little behind a bit. I finally got me a smart phone . I didn’t want anything to fancy or complicated so I got the LG Optimus L9. lol I feel so what normal now that I don’t have that ole brick dinosaur in my pocket anymore

As far as I remember, your unit is a decent phone. It may not be one of the “top of the line” units, but this has a nice specs.

Before the 2012 ended, I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus - the predecessor of LG Nexus 4. What can I say? I’m loving my Nexus. Again, it is rooted on its day 1. I’m loving the AOSP. The next phone that I will get, probably after two or more years will be another Nexus.

Yea its ok for now… and those Nexus are pretty bad ass

I have an iPhone 4 and will upgrade to the 5 as soon as a newer model comes out and the 5 gets less expensive.

You’re lucky. I had to downgrade from a 4S to a Galaxy SII because my wife and I couldn’t afford Verizon while I was unemployed. I hate this phone. I want my iPhone back.

I have a Droid Razr Maxx. My plan w/ verizon is up this winter, and they have told me i will no longer be grandfathered in for my unlimited data once my plan is up, so i’m either going to have to pay full price for a phone and never renew my contract or leave to go to another company with unlimited data. Really eyeing the Note IV that is coming out soon.

Upgrading to a GS4 later in the year. My GS2 is working just fine, but I’m a tech guy so it’s only appropriate to upgrade, haha.

Might to have to move away from T-Mobile too. For some reason, they won’t give me a cheaper monthly plan.

I’m just going to save up the money and get the iPhone 5 on Straight Talk. I’m getting sick of the contract scene. Verizon rips people off horribly bad, AT&T has had a nightmare with their prices, and Sprints network sucks where I live. So I’m going to Straight Talk with the iPhone 5.

I’m thinking moving to Straight Talk as well. My brother switched to them a few months ago from T-Mobile and he’s getting better reception than I am. Heck of a lot cheaper per month too.

Just waiting for the GS4 to get released here, then wait a month or two to make sure there aren’t any hardware issues with it.

With straight talk do you buy the iPhone then pay less for a monthly charge? If so is it without the 2 yr contract?