What Phone You Got?

I thought it might be cool to find out how much better my phone is than everyone else’s and for you all to find out how much worse your phones are. LOL

I really just have the cheap version of a T-Mobile My Touch. But I loves it because it houses my beloved memedroid app. Again I ask, what phone you got?

I got myself a Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.5. I know Windows Phone is seen as the friend the nobody likes but I absolutely adore it. The Metro UI design is nice and simple and it also comes with Microsoft Office already on the phone. The main thing that really puts people off though is the lack of apps, but since I’m not really big on apps that really doesn’t phase me. The only thing that really pisses me off is that Microsoft is releasing a Windows Phone 8 in a month or so and I just got this phone back in late May. But I guess that’s technology for you.

Samsung Galaxy SII. Which looks nothing like an iPhone, Apple!

Another Galaxy S2 owner here. I didn’t feel too well upgrading to it after just having the S1 for a year, but I couldn’t stand how that thing was working for me so I had to upgrade. Best $500 I spent last year, haha.

My line of work dictates a hardy breed of phone and I swear by the Samsung Rugby line. Currently, I have the Rugby Smart.

I’ve possessed an HTC Desire for 1 year now. I’ve dropped it so many times, yet it has always withstood the harming impact of gravity and my floor ^^
And to divert the focus on Gundam, I’ve watched : Gundam Wing, Gundam 0079, Zeta, CCA, 0083, 0080, Unicorn, Victory Gundam, 00 Gundam by simply using it to gain/attain/obtian access to websites providing and offering these kinds of services.

It is also compatible with .mkv video files o.O

I guess I’ll be the first Apple owner with my iPhone 4S. And frankly it’s the best phone I’ve had thus far.

I’d be willing to compensate a considerable measure of financial funds for purchasing a properly functioning and performing HARO phone.

A Haro phone would be bad ass, although I’d rather not have a phone that LOOKS like Haro. I’d much rather have an interface with Haro’s voice and personality on my phone. Also, I jusr realized this, but does anyone else think the voice from the wii fit game sounds like it could be a Haro?

Back on topic, of your inferior phones, what is your favorite app to use?

Inferior he says. lol. Anyways, I play Angry Birds a lot. And Racing Live. I also love the fact that I have AutoCAD on my phone.

I do only watch/view videos, when playing with “the inferior”.

still have my HTC HD7S, and it’s a great phone and awesome integration to windows

As long as a mobile phone supports browsing in desktop mode and therefore enables us/me to view Gundam on youtube when desiring to/requiring, I’m/We’re supposed to be satisfied by results accomplished and fulifilled by which.

I watch gundam on my lappy, but my favorite thing to do on my phone is MEMEDROID. http://www.memedroid.com/en/

Walker, your Iphone may be better in every single way, but mine has a super mario background and the newtype ping as my ringtone. So I win.

That meme app is pretty cool. And that newtype ping as a ringtone is nice. Rather jealous on that one. But I think my Rx-0 Banshee background trumps the old plumber.

Damn you all! I possess all 5 episodes of Unicorn, all episodes of 0079,0080,0083,Zeta,CCA, 6 Episodes of Victory Gundam. Having entirely plainly stated that, I have to claim for victory!!

ha! 5 Episodes of Unicorn. feel persuaded/urged to transcend that!

Unicorn IS really awesome…and the Banshee IS a kick ass Gundam design, but I have Ninjump, Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. Can you y’all beat that?!

I possess Pokemon, Kirby, GUNDAM ENDLESS DUEL, SRW D … surpass the exposed content!

Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, Temple Run, Racing Live, Tiny Wings, Hungry Shark 1, 2, and 3, and Plague Inc. Plus Photoshop, AutoCAD, Photobucket, iFunny, an app to make custom ringtones, and of coarse, Fandango.

When does the 6th episode come out and don’t spoil the 5th episode for me I have only seen 1-4 =( I know I could cheat and watch it on crunchyroll or youtube but I prefer to wait until they release both episodes 5 and 6 on one disc like they did with the other 4 episodes. And sadly even though I do own a smart phone I don’t possess the ability to play games nor do I want any games on my phone, that is what my tablet is for =3