What novel/magna would you like to see animated?

What gundam novel or magna would you like to see finally get animated other than Origin?

Personally I would to see some of the OO side stories animated, I think they would be pretty good, also some of the Char side stories seem pretty interesting.

I will be the first to say it, because I know most people are gonna post the same thing…CROSSBONE GUNDAM!!!

Same with Crossbone and them Char Side Stories
I mean, Portrait of a Young Comet is such an important story.

Still looking forward to Hathway’s Flash, and I’m hoping Hathaway doesn’t die. I hope he flashes.

Pretty much, I’d like to see all UC books into OVAs.

We’re Federation Hooligans would be nice.

I would like to see Gundam Blue Destiny animated. It is its own unique story without any returning characters and yet still set in early UC.

Actually, I am a bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a C.E. version of the story yet.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC 0081 -The Wrath of Varuna and Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. 0094: Across the Sky.

I would also like to see Crossbone gundam, at least up to the end of Steel 7.
Then I would like to see Sentinel Gundam, but that won’t happen because of the whole “Who owns this thing anyways?” issue
Next on my list is the Astray mangas from SEED, which are much better and well written than SEED and Destiny anyways.
Then id like to see side story V Gundam mainly because Judau is in it and seeing the ZZ gundam after 50-something years is really cool

Well, the following list might contain some agreeable suggestions :

Crossbone with a “better” character design.
Astray getting OVA treatment
Some of the 00 mangas being produced as anime
Blue destiny
Victory Gundam side story
Char’s deleted affair

CCA-Belechorika’s Children as an OVA. I love CCA, but it would have been better with an OVA, make some tweaks to BC to make it into a four or five episode OVA and it’d work great.

Crossbone-All of it make it into a series of sort, or seprate OVAs. Personally I think it could work somewhat like AGE with the era’s being diffrent Crossbone manga’s so to speak.

Sentinel-Because It’s sentinel, and look at Unicorn. Sentinel would be even more detailed. (If they’d do it they’d need to have it all down to the smallest decals)

Advance of Zeta-There’s allot to advance of Zeta so it’d have to be a long OVA/a short series but it’s intresting IMO and has some of the coolest designs in Gundam.

Blue Destiny-Would be intresting to see animated, like Jaster said it’s unique, and one of the more intresting stories of the OYW.

Astray-Suprised it hasn’t happened yet.

Dream that’ll never happen:

Gaia Gear movie. Won’t happen because despite being a UC work and having at least one MS from the past, and refrences to events, it’s still pretty seprated from Gundam. And I don’t think Tomino would play ball at all, as I think Bandai has ZERO ownership over Gaia Gear.

Beep yes! We need something that doesn’t leave viewers confused and frightened, like the original CCA did!

I just thought of one series I would like animated, a what-if story where the Feds lost the OYW and they were now the rebels fighting the all powerful Zeon. That would satisfy the Zeon fanboys and could make for a interesting story