What kits would you want in the next Gundam Breaker game?

If they do make another Gundam Breaker game, what kits would you want added that haven’t been added to any of the games or kits you would like to see to continue to show up or weapons or parts for a kit that wasn’t in the games.

Just to name a few to get started:

Zaku I
Super Custom Zaku F2000
Rick Dom II

Anything SD

Kyrios Gust
Thrones turbulence
Xeku Zwei
Gundam Flugel
Core gundam whole set
Whole AOZ set
Full armor Zeta

World may end, my list won’t.

Also what game mechanic changes would you like to see or stay the same. For example, being able to do more with painting and adding more decals. Also keeping the game mechanics from GB3 and improving on them, and more control with the customizing.