"What Kit Should I get?" & Recommendations

You email him. His website is here: old.samueldecal.com

Thanks a lot man. I don’t have a custom Decal made yet but at least I know I have a way to do so. Again thanks Boss. lol

No problem! Always happy to help.

Ken if you still need a little info. I’ve ordered a few things from Samuel. His decals are rather good quality. They might need some special attention before you put them on in terms of coat of MicroSol. But his rates are top notch. I got a custom set for my Stein for 7 bucks. All I did was send him a PSD file of what I wanted. And within a few days he replied with a pic of it. And man, they look great.

PSD file? as in you tell him what you want and he does draft drawing?

A PSD file is a Photoshop file. I’m sure he can use a regular image. But I told him that I had a Photoshop file of it and he said that was great.

Question, since Ive never used it before, but how do you photoshop?

Here is one of the most comprehensive tutorials i’ve ever seen for gundams.


As for photoshop, it’s a pretty expensive program. I love using it but if you don’t want to shell out the money for it, or find it on a torrent, there are other programs you can use.

This is the guy who designed the details for the Unicorn statue that travels to conventions.

He also did this famous freedom:

Hey Bossguy, whats sam decals email again?

Here you go sir Ken.


Graci amigo! lol

Did anyone pickup and of the HGBF kits yet? IF so how did you like it? I am assuming they released.

I doubt any of them have made it to the states yet, since they were released this week.

ahh gotcha.

which perfect grade kit should i start saving for? i have heard that the 00 raiser isnt worth the price point.

Already? Dude, you should really hold off until you get comfortable with this hobby again. If you really want one, I hear the Strike is nice. It really all depends on the design you like best.

the pg kit wont be bought until early next year, just getting some input from others who have built them. that and the sazabi ver ka are two kits i am starting to sock money away for.

The Strike Freedom and 00 Raiser have weight issues from what I have gathered in my research. The top PG kits seem to be the Red Frame, Strike, and the Mk.II. Those tend to get the highest reviews out of all the PG kits. The Zeta tends to get knocked hard due to its transformation. The GP01 is also a rather nice kit because you basically get 2 in 1. Rrobbert184 has a review of the 00 Raiser and the Strike Freedom if you’d like the watch them. And Vegeta8259 has a good series of the GP01.

OK IM in a huge dilemma and need of your guys assistance. I have $60 to spend without getting in trouble
I can get 1 mg or 2 hg

Kampfer $27
NT-1 Alex $22
HGAC Wing $24
Hg Gold Frame amatsu $28
Zogok $24
Xekueins $24

Zaku II $55
Zaku II white Ogre $55
Deathscythe Hell $65
Ground gundam $48

What do you feel like working on? Any MG 2.0 Zaku II is a good build from what I hear, and the Deathscythe is a worthy choice too. For your HG choices, it’s a combination of the Alex, Wing, Gold Frame, or Zogok. I haven’t heard or seen much of the Xekuins and the HG Kampfer may not be worth it when the MG version is so much better.