"What Kit Should I get?" & Recommendations

I cheered when that piece of crap took a dive.

I too am a rrobbert184 fan. His review of the MG Wing Gundam also helped reignited my passion for Gunpla. After watching many of his reviews, my criteria for models are: few loose parts, a challenging and enjoyable build, great articulation (180 deg. in the arms and legs), a good MS (hero, villain, or grunt), and cost.

rrobbert184 has some great reviews :sunglasses:

don’t forget prime92 :smiley:

yes prime has some nice reviews also but her getting into the marvel figures has kind of eh for me

My favorite reviewer is TimberNewtype. His videos are amazing, outstanding, spectacular and just splendid in every way. :smiley:

For realz though, rrobbert is pretty good, Prime92 is actually a great resource for knowing what you’ll get straight out-of-the-box, I also like vektar, vitzrsx(quirky) and BikerTrashWolf. 2Old4Toys is classic, too.

:lol: yeah Timber has some great reviews :wink:

F*** prime92. People who intentionally buy counterfeit goods are trash.

Nice self-promotion there, squeam.

F*** prime92. People who intentionally buy counterfeit goods are trash.[/quote]
and the sad thing is to keep buying them when you know there crap , just suck it up and buy the real deal

Yeah, I didn’t get that whole phase; I mean, she obviously has quite a budget for Gunpla, so why buy the knock-offs. Not that TT Hongli is excusable at any time, but especially when you clearly have enough money to buy the real thing (and in most cases already have the real one).

I’ll admit that I wanted that bootleg Nu Gundoom that was circulating the net last year, but only because it wasn’t a straight bootleg of the Nu Gundam.

very true squeam , have you seen her stuff when she feels the need to show off all of the boxes O.o

I just like how she makes the review that’s all … :slight_smile: hahaha the truth is when I saw the review for TT hongli models I will change the channel :)) hahahha 'coz I know its a crap maybe not all but most. maybe you’ll buy that model for diorama for wrecked gundams 'coz definitely you won’t waste your money for bandai just for wrecking it up… hahaha.

Get a Geara Zulu. Any of them.

Very Solid.
Badass Looking.
Wonderful Articulation.

Dem Legs.

Or if you want to throw some money around, get an Amatsu.

That was literally the most fun I have ever had building a kit. There is so much that goes on it, and it’s a No-Grade for christ’s sake.

I guess it’s almost on par with a MG, but lacks a few of the same characteristics. It is an extremely sexy looking kit, and the stickers actually work extremely well with the kit.

I’m thinking about getting the HGUC Sinanju and I was wondering do I need to paint the gold trim? Some feedback would be nice. Also, does this kit use an Action Base 1 or 2?

You’ll need to paint the trim, and it uses type 2s. Damn fine kit, though. Good, solid joints, sharp detail, nice and sturdy.

What should I use to paint the trim, a gold Gundam Marker or actual paint?

Just be careful when working the feet. The joints ised to connect them to the legs are not the best in the world and mine broke while I was working on a Top Secret Pro…never mind. Anyways. It is a great kit but be patient when painting the gold, and don’t worry if you go over the lines. You can use a black panel line marker to fix up mistakes!

Trying to keep things tidy, so I threw a couple of other threads in here.

I was thinking of getting the MG strike rouge becuse I like the kit and it has the catapult I can use for other kits (RX-78-2 maybe). Should I get it or is there any standalone catapults that I can buy because I’m not sure it works with every gundam.