"What Kit Should I get?" & Recommendations

So I’ve been wanting to get a Master Grade Destiny Gundam for a while now, but I’m not sure which one I want. I was thinking EBM (Extreme Burst Mode) But I heard it has some issues. Anyone care to help me out with suggestions on which kit to get and why?


What sorts of issues? I’ve been considering it for the wings of light, though admittedly I’m unaware of what the other differences are between it and the normal release (aside from price, too).

I have the normal version; it was a nice kit, but the joint for cannon’s handle was a bit tight, which caused the handle to snap off when I tried to pose the kit with it. :frowning:

The EBM has three clear plastic beam effect parts, clear 1/60 figures of Shinn and Kira, metallic decals, shiny joints and hands, and of course, the Wings of Light.

This is quite the quandary. The Wings of Light make Destiny look incredible, at the expense of some very real weight issues (and a lot of space on the shelf). I couldn’t really care less about the shiny joints, figures and 2 of the beam parts. But I love the beam effect piece for the hand beam-thing (sorry the technical description eludes me right now).
The real issue is, is it worth the price? Its like an extra $23 for EBM and that’s bout half as much as the regular Destiny. Right now I’m leaning toward regular Destiny and save that money for a Gouf 2.0 or some other sweet model.

Save money for the Gouf 2.0. It’s the SWEETEST model.

I am just new in Gundam Collecting … is the Rx 78-2 Ver K.A. a good start? :smiley: :shock: :shock:

I’d take a look at a few of these:

This one is a great deal for a great kit:


Ultimately though, you need to pick what you think you might be interested in. Have you watched any of the series? That generally gives you a good Idea as to what you want.

I dunno why I order that ver KA thing… maybe i just got intimidated with its details hahahaha :slight_smile:

It’s not that it’s a bad kit; it’s just that a Master Grade (MG) kit (especially a Ver. Ka MG) can be a bit overwhelming/difficult for new model builders. GNZ’s high grade (HG) recommendations are all suitable starter kits. Personally, I think the 0 Gundam, in particular, is a great kit for first time modelers. It’s cheap, looks nice, and is a fairly solid, but simple, build. Plus, if you’re a fan of the classic RX-78-2 design, the 0 Gundam has more than a passing resemblance.


I ALSO GOT 00 RAISER AND A RX78-2 RG :smiley:

If you built a RG, an older MG (such as RX-78-2 Ver. Ka) shouldn’t be too big of a step. Best of luck with constructing it.

really? :smiley: i am just attracted at the inner frames of the mg gundams…
by the way… question… are all MG gundams have inner frames?? o…o

The modern ones have inner frames. The MG kits that are older than the G Gundam MGs (roughly 8 or more years old) tend to lack inner frames.

ohh okay thanks :smiley: I just want to see a gundam who’s cockpit can be opened and see the pilot inside :smiley: hahahaha…

O Gundam. Get it. NOW. Seriously, everyone who collects Gunpla should have that kit. It’s soo much fun and cheap!

To give a really good recommendation, we gotta know what shows you’ve watch/prefer. I’m just gonna throw a few out there and maybe one will catch your eye:

I recommended MG Strike/Strike Rouge on another one of your (ubiquitous) threads. The Zeta 2.0 has pretty much the same display base/catapult deck, but its quite a bit harder to assemble than Strike. Its looks are unique in the Gundam-verse and is personally my favorite! Any G-Gundam MG (God/Burning, Shining, Speigel/Shadow, Master) have complete inner frames, actually some of the best Bandai’s ever done, and they’re dirt cheap. Now, the hatch doesn’t open on 'em because they have removable Core…Landers(?) that are pretty nifty display pieces in themselves. Also, they are amazingly articulated and hold their poses very well. If you’re into Wing Gundam, try the newest Wing Gundam release, as the ver. Ka. has some serious flaws. The 2.0s (Mk II, GM, Gundam, Zaku, Gouf) are all really well detailed, easier to build, have complete inner frames and are flexible. Unfortunately, you have to pay for all that, and they can get pricey. If I were to pick one of the 2.0s to get (other than Zeta) I’d buy the Mk II - I have and its awesome!

That is a question every new builder (and sometimes us vets) asks themselves. It can be overwhelming, as there are hundreds of models to choose from, however, you would be amazed how simple it is to pick a kit from such a huge selection.

On youtube, there is a very experienced gunpla builder who goes by the name rrobert184, and he made a video that I believe is the best way to decide which kit you want to get.

Here is a link to the video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9gIKfDV … re=related

Now, for all you noobies out there, this is the thread for you. If you are confused or want some help, post here.

For all us vets, please help out and post links to recommended kits.

Hopefully this thread helps!

(Mickey, do you think we could sticky this thread? I think it will prove to be very useful in the future)

buy them all :smiley: hahaha or buy what you think the best for you :smiley:

Another rrobbert184 fan? Yay! I like his kit reviews; he lines his kits but he doesn’t paint them, so I can get a good idea of what a kit will look like with only lining. This is good for folks who aren’t skilled at (or simply don’t feel like) painting their kits.

As far as recommending kits to newbies go, for Master Grades, you can’t go wrong with 2.0s. Beyond that give some information about what you like and the rest of us will be happy to provide you with some suggestions.

Been watchin rrobert for a whiles now. I have a similar build style to him (albeit not as good as he is) and I appreciate his candid insight. The best thing he ever did was split up reviews: you can go right to the parts you want. I also loved his infamous “send-off” of the HG 1/100 Wing Gundam.

I posted my upcoming purchase questions a bit too soon to be on this thread. Good idea, though, GNZ.