What kit is this?

HI, Can anyone identify tis kit in this Gundam posing video?
It is the red white and blue kit with the pod trailing behind it.

I believe it’s this kit.


Im just not positive on which scale it is. Judging by the video it might be a RG or HG version of that kit.

Thanks!! Is that trailing piece part of it as well? I’ve been looking at pics of the kit on Google and I still cannot tell on that part of it.

Yes that’s the 00 Quanta.
I’d say it’s RG from what I can tell of, the GN blades are more blue-ish than the bright Green of the HG.

I just looked up the RG version and I believe your correct and ite the RG version.

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That’s actually a weapons rack that is attached to the back on a movable mount, but it is part of thr kit.

Thanks!! After looking more and comparing, it does look like it is the RG kit and what I thought was a “tail” is the arm mount thing. I have been trying to figure this kit out for a couple years since I saw this video and I never knew where to ask. It is an awesome looking figure.
Thanks for the help in identifying it!

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Your welcome. If you want so see more pictures of this kit or any other kit go to-


And click the RG tab at the top.