What is to be done with characters who are pure evil

So I’ve been watching Gundam 00 and I’ve gotten to the part with the trinity siblings. Now I ended up learning online just how they are actually villains and that Nena is pretty much a pure evil killer.

That’s really gotten me thinking about the villain characters in Gundam who seem to have no redeeming qualities and seem to only want to kill and destroy everything and everyone. I wonder what is to be done with those characters to stop them from causing more harm, besides having them eventually be killed by either the heroes of another villain. I figured that’s really the only thing that can be done with characters that only bring harm and destruction.

The thing is I really like it when villains get redeemed, such as with characters who are good but just on the wrong side. But there’s a point I feel when someone is just too evil to be left alive so they have to be removed. But I really wonder if killing them is the only answer to stopping the horror characters like Nena bringing destruction to the world of the Gundam show?

Because oddly enough in Super Robot Wars V (A huge crossover mecha game that happens to feature a lot of Gundam series) you can actually recruit some of the Gundam villains like Jerid and Yazan from Zeta Gunadam, as well Full Frontal from Gundam Unicorn. The main point is that I’m pretty sure Yazan would fit into the evil psychopath category, yet you can have him join the heroes and have him hang out with them and eventually help save the world. So this leaves me really confused and conflicted about this.

So I’m wondering if any of you have some answers to my feelings about pure evil characters and if killing them is the only way to protect the world or if perhaps there’s a better less murderous way to stop them from doing more evil?

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The Trinity siblings were probably not pure evil, they were probably more of sociopaths or psychopaths. They mainly have less regard to others. They did, at one point or another, seemed to be able to turn to do good things, but at last they did not.

The other guy, the one that Setsuna knew back when he was a kid, whatever he name was, too lazy to look it up, was near pure evil because he did seemed to kill for fun and does not matter whom it was. Also he seemed to be very power hungry.

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I mean I’ve seen my share of evil characters throughout Gundam who are indeed better off dead. In fact a good chunk of them you will soon see as you keep at 00.

For others, I can recall Rau Le Cruset from SEED who was very wicked, indeed. Then there’s Ghiren Zabi who was willing to sacrifice his own father to get what he wanted. And lets not forget the Devil Gunam: evil incarnate whom has been known to corrupt all those who try to control it.

As for there being a less murderous way to stop them? Probably not. Some folks are often too far gone to be save and putting a beam rifle to their scalps may be the easier solution.

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Oh the mercenary with the red hair? I hate that guy so much! I know he eventually gets killed by Lockon Stratos II in season 2. So I look forward to that.

I will say the eldest of the Trinity season does seem like a decent person from what I’ve seen. Would have been nice if they had become good.

Honestly I don’t know too much about Rau Le Cruset form Seed. I mainly know he’s a clone of one of the character’s father and that he wants everyone to kill each other or something.

Ghiren Zabi, oh yeah, space Hitler. At least I believe his father compered him to the Nazi leader before he was killed.

I actually find the Devil Gundam rather interesting. It really does live up to the name since it not only corrupts the pilot, but all who seek it’s power. Though it was originally meant to restore the dying planet, yet the greed and evil of the Neo Japan’s government made it malfunction and decide humanity need to be destroyed. Kind of tragic in way?

Funny enough in one of the routes in Super Robot Wars T, the Devil Gundam actually gets turned back into the Ultimate Gundam and helps the heroes stop a colony drop. Seeming to have been inspired by the heroes and some of the love from Rain? Wonder what that adds to the discussion?

That is a question that has been asked through the entire history of humanity: What should be done to people who are pure evil. God commands us to “love your enemies”, but what do you do when you have someone like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin who just hates humanity? In the case of Hitler, there were over 40 different assassination attempts to kill him (not just the one famous bomb plot that failed), and Stalin died in office. All I can say is that some day we are all going to be judged, and that on that day, I wouldn’t want to be them!! James Staley

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