What is the process for panel lining in terms of protection?

Im trying to figure out if enamel thinner is harmful to gunpla plastic. Im told putting a layer of lacquer gloss clear coat down first will help the enamel in the panel line ink spread better but will it also protect the plastic from the thinner when I use it remove the excess?

Yes the enamel panel liner can damage the plastic and yes gloss clear does make it easier for the panel liner flow and clean up… You can use lighter fluid (zippo or other brands) to remove the enamel panel liner. It’s safer than thinner because ot evaporates quickly and won’t damage the paint.

Gloss clear
Panel line
Gloss clear
Matte coat.

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That clears things up! thanks so much

You’re welcome.

Solid advice from RX. Personal experience here. DO NOT use enamel thinner on bare Gunpla. It will destroy the part in seconds. I ruined three parts on my MG 00 Raiser that way. And I had to buy replacement parts.