What is the name of that specific gundam?


I’d like to know what is the name of that mecha. Also, it’s in this very nice black box , so i want to know is it only for that item. Thanks for respond.
I’m green. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a Ryuseigo (Graze Custom ll) from Iron Blooded Orphans. Where did you find it? Someone made the custom foam box for it.

Hi man.

Thank you very much. Oh, i found lost collection in house , what is more important there are a much more gundam boxes. Not only gundam, also warhammer figure and one steal lizard on big lizard [collector staff]. Comics too , from DC etc.

Ryuseigo is pink , my is orange and have different weapon [ big and small pickaxes]. Is it special edition, or owner changed something?

They probably painted it orange. As far as I know Bandai didn’t produce any orange variants of that suit.

Another one without box. Do you know this guy?

and this

Carta’s Graze Ritter with the Hugo legs.

Left is the Banshee legs with Unicorn red pyscho frame the one on the right is the Gundam Astaroth.