What is the best first time perfect grade kit to get?

so, I’m looking to buy my first perfect grade gundam, and I could use some advice on what the best one is, in this circumstance.

Perfect grade strike or Astray red frame are good starter. No crazy mechanics, simple leds, but still great details, while being a fun build.

I’ve heard they use identical(sans color) inner frames, just different armor cladding.

whats the build time on this and am I gonna have the opportunity for things like panel lining and or painting of molded in cables?

They do share some parts (astray is based on strike) but not identical.

Idk about build time. They’re decent sized and # of parts is good.

Both have panel line and frame details. Tho the newer Pg perfect Strike will have more details.

You can check out dalong.net to see tons of more


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wonder how much pricier the newer pg strike is gonna be…

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huh…no wonder its that expensive XD

My 1st PG was the Mk.II. I’ve since gotten the Astray. Which is an amazing kit. The Strike is also one of the best PGs. I’d say that you can’t go wrong with these options.

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what parts do I need to watch out for on the PG strike far as the likelihood of having an ‘oops’ moment if you will?

Over all this there aren’t really any problem areas iirc, (it’s been quite a while since I built mine.) I think I had two small areas where parts broke, and that’s because of assembly/disassembly issues.

V Fin can be tricky (always be careful with v fin) as it’s a 3pc assembly.

This little hatch lever broke on me. Still connects, but doesn’t stay connected if I open it.

I tend to cement my v-fins…as those are the one piece that almost always never stays on past some light handling and pose adjustments.

It’s solid on strike, probably why mine broke at the connection point.

so…no issues with the knee mechanics? I’ve got a 1/100mg build strike fp, that had the right knee cap’s mechanical arm snap at the shackle to the upper shin pin point while I was building it. you know how it goes, attach armor, do a fit and motion check, attach more armor, fit and motion check…oh a snapped shackle.

edit: updated with photo of the knee…and it was the LEFT knee…dunno how I got it into my head that it was the right one.

and in other news…the fp pack’s connector just failed. so now build strike is sans FP flyer. not really even annoyed…I only wanted the strike XD.

Big difference between the PG and a Master Grade.

No issues at all. Some of the older Pg’s were meant to be posed and had amazing articulation.

Edit: Might be hard to see, not the greatest lights for pictures

so none of the pistons, rods, or sliding bars in that knee are at risk of breakage during assembly, eg nip, trim, fit, and flex…or the subsequent fitment/flex checks as I add parts on?

I’m not going to tell you there’s no risk, it’s a model kit and things break, but as long as your not putting too much pressure and forcing things to move in ways they aren’t intended you’ll be good.

here’s more pics from dalong.net


I’ve had my Strike assembled for about 5-6 years now and have put it into a lot of various poses and haven’t had any issues with things breaking.

I’m just gunshy I guess…because of what happened with my build strike, I’m worried about a repeat with the bigger scale kit.

I know the risk with models is a constant companion, what I need to know is, is the risk lower due MOST of the pieces being correspondingly larger?

Not really an expert as to why, probably because they’re larger (thinner parts are easier to break) maybe even better designed, and or better clearance of parts.

Oh yea, here’s a YouTube review vid too