What if?

We wouldn’t be able to call him hamburger. :stuck_out_tongue:

What if Miguel Aiman actually didn’t die in the first episode of SEED, and came back as a full on GINN ace?

We might have had an actual likeable character in SEED, or Miguel might have joined the Clyne faction.

What if Graham Aker led the Thrones with Howard and Darryl?

We wouldn’t have gotten the badassness of Graham overpowering the Throne Eins with just a Flag.

What if Gundam X was a UC show and fit in between Crossbone and Victory?

Then allot of things wouldn’t make sense, like the scaling down of mobile suits (Average UC suit height was 20M until the F91 Gundam came along then most of them where about 15M) that occurred around the time of F91 to Crossbones, and carried all the way tell the time. But to answer your question, the V2 wouldn’t seem as over powered due to the Double X’s satellite cannon.

What if Amuro maned up and joined AEUG arrouned 0085 and not during the time of Zeta?

I imagine that production of the gundam MK II would have been pushed ahead, thus not enabling it’s theft by Kamille and Char. Without that, Emma Swan would not have betrayed the titans, Jerid would not have lost all of his girlfriends, and ultimately, the A.E.U.G. would have either fallen or been absorbed into Axis.

What if Kamille recovered from his fight with Scirocco during ZZ?

He would have went out and finished the fight against Haman, instead of becomeing a Doctor, he’d have overshadowed Judau quite a bit, after wards come arround CCA time, both Amuro and Char would be focusing on geting him to join their causes, both of them of course knowing him.

What if Ramba Ral got those reinforcements, and Doms he needed while fighting White Base?

I think that the RX-78-2 would have fallen, as would the white base. With such a heavy blow to the EFF’s morale, Zeon would have been the eventual winner of the OYW. which just begs the question…

What if Zeon won the OYW?

The Federation, demoralized and beaten down, would quickly become a fascist police state and build up arms to eradicate the Spacenoids once and for all.

What if there was a Hizack II that became a main Federation machine instead of the Jegan?

Then the Hizack II would perform mor or less on par with a Zaku III, and come arround CCA time, the Londo Bell forces would have suffered heavier losses due to the larger tech gap with the Gera Dogas, on the up side, there’d be a Stark Hizack.

What if Nanai and Char’s love child came back on the feddies with a vengance arround the time of Crossbone?

it be hell on earth and amongst the stars. and IMO, i think the main character of Victory is the decendant of Char and Nanai. afterall his last name is miguel and so is Nanai’s.

What if Durandals Destiny Plan succeeded?

A hell of a lot people would die.

What if Fa was a good pilot?

Then she wouldn’t need to be saved all the time and actually be somewhat useful.

What if Rio had lived when he crashed his Core Fighter to save Amuro Ray?

@Kenyon I don’t even want to think that, since I am not fond of Victory.

Anyhow, Ryu, would have lived to tell the tale, only to die in Lieu of Slagger when the Big Zam came.

What if, Haman convinced Judau to come to Neo Zeon?

Betraying the AEUG, Roux would spend the rest of her life trying to hunt down and kill Judau Ashta. Judau, being in the ZZ, would prove to be more then she could handle in the Zeta, but never killing her. Haman would finish her off. Glemy would then indoctrinate Judau into his faction, and his betrayal of Haman would go a lot better. Ultimately, Glemy would wait to kill the victor of the Judau/Haman. Leaving him to lead the rest of Axis to do with as he pleased.

What if ZAFT managed to mass produce the freedom and justice?

Then Neo Zeon would have won the war, making Chars acension to power in CCA much more difficult.

What if…Kira Yamato was not killed but say put into a coma after Shinn pwned him in Seed Destiny?

Annihilation Kirk, complete, and utter Annihilation.-Spock. What Spock said pretty much is what would happen with MP Justice and Freedom.

What if Char joined Axis near the end of Zeta, then convinced Haman to let him lead, and Haman was arround for the events of CCA? (Char would be with Haman not Nanai)

EDIT-Crap Kenyon was ninja’d by Char, and he ninja’d me, so I guess who ever is next get’s to awnser two What if’s.

Then its possible that Char would have won his war in CCA. compared to historical figures, they are respectively the Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra of the Universal Century.
you cant beat a team like that.

restating my current what if: What if…Kira Yamato was not killed but say put into a coma after Shinn pwned him in Seed Destiny?

Then Athrun could finally be the protagonist!

What if the Gundam Mk II went into mass production?

Most likely the titans would have used them for a while, then handed them down to the regular forces, and eventually making their way to the AEUG, replacing the Rick Dias.


What if the original Lockon Stratos didn’t die before the end of 00 season 1?

than they wouldnt have had to recruit that twin brother of his and Lockon wouldve been the badass of badassery b4 his whiney bro killed it.

What if the incident at the beginning of Unicorn didnt happen…what if, Laplaces box (namely its continents Spoiler alert) were revealed?