What if Captain Bright had Bright-Slapped...?

Quattro Bajeena?
We all know the power of the Bright-Slap! It’s awesome might puts whiney brats in there place like a Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick! But just imagine if Bright had bestowed his blessed backhand upon the cheecks of Char during the Gryps War…

I’ll refer you this thread in which Char was discussed in depth pertaining to his actions during CCA. Long story short:

Char: Wah-wah Lalah!
Amuro: Dude, I thought you were over this?!
Char: I WANT MY MOMMY! hurls asteroids at Earth
Amuro: DUDE WTF?! Newtype awesomeness activate!
Char: Not cool, dude!

The end

So what if Bright had slapped Char. I think CCA would have been a whole lot different. Char would have instantly become a man and would have stepped up to the political plate, became leader of the Federation, wiped Neo Zeon off the map and rebuild the entire infrastructure of the Earth Sphere!

The Bright-Slap, shaping up spoiled children since 0079!

Char most likely would have been like. “B**** please.” and Char Kick bright.

That or it’s Division by Zero.

Joe I can see that happening. But I can also see Char’s patent spartan kick following the slap. But, I do see how the slap would make him grow up. I mean for god’s sake, Lala died. Get the hell over it already. She was annoying anyways.

Honestly if he maned up anymore, CCA would be clareified and he’d have steped up his game here’s how it’d go.

Amuro: Why are you doing this.

Char: To beat you then evolve everyone into Newtypes

Amuro:BS you just wanna fight

Char: No you iddot I wanted to fight on Sweet Water so I played the Guile Theme and you tackled me off mah horse. If I wanted to draw you out and the Londo Bell I’d have take some suit with a Zeon sticker on it and walked though Tokyo…nah just killin to birds with one stone.

Char then wins.

lol Char Kick to funny i needed that. I can see Char getting a Bright Slap, But not Quattro Bajeena , I think Quattro would not want anything to happen to his black Avaiators, He probly do some matirx move counter Brights slap and make Quattro round house kick

Is this thread only for Char, or anybody can be Bright-slapped in here? XD

Back to Char discussion. I can’t imagine Char as Quattro being Bright-slapped. I dunno; he’s just too classy with the shades. XD

Not the round house kick but still effective… One thing is certain never ever touch Quattro’s Avaiators lol

Go for it! In Universe, out of Universe, It’s under humor for a reason! Run wild guys!

I’ll step within Gundam meta-verse for now.

Bright-slapping… (drum roll)


If he has been Bright-slapped, no Kira Yamato in the end of Seed Destiny. XD

Katejina Loos was i need of a Bright slap, If she had gotten a slap maybe she would have stayed with the militita

Difficult to find one.
I’d go with Milliardo Peacecraft, not Zechs Marquise.

Bright Slap all of SEED and Destiny espeically…sans maybe, MAYBE Athrun…still then.

I could also see Bright as a pimp . Bright ‘‘Big Slaps’’ Noa you have to say the whole thing like a tribe call quest

I hereby nominate Shinn Asuka for a Bright pimp slap.

Just saying, that none of the wing boys needs to be bright-slapped.

If anyone needs the Bright Slap, it’s Quess. Badly. Administered via mobile suit.


What if bright slapped this hacker dude