What I Got at Con

So, Yesterday I went to Nakka-kon and was able to pick up some really cool gundam stuff and decided to post it here on the fourms for everyone to see as well anyone else to post what cool stuff they got from a con they went too. anyway I’ll just start posting pictures seeing as this is what the thread will mainly be about XDD

I might be mistaken, but the first looks like a shirt, the second is definitely a kit, and the last looks like a badass poster of Char.
When are you going to get at assembling your GINN?

The first is a dynames messenger bag but besides that spot on, I’m building as we speak

Sounds great, I’ll wait to see that final product.
Are you going to customize?

Oh hey, it’s pleasant to hear about you assembling your first kit.

So, what tools are you utilising ?
Any modeling knife/side cutter ?

I finished assembling it all I used was a multi too with something simmilar to a modeling knife.

Any pics ^^ ?

You should create a thread in the Ego Zone sub-forum and post more pics of your work, now that you have something to show off :slight_smile:

This was cool to see in person. The first box says “Force Impulse Gundam” and the second says “Zaku Cannon”