What gunpla kit is this? Is it still available?

What kit is this? Is it still available to purchase anywhere?
I am a complete newbie, please forgive me if I used the wrong terms to describe things.

This is a customized Metal Build Gundam Astray Red Frame (Kai?) figure with a bunch of Power Loader arms and some weapons from the 150 Gerbera Straight [Power].


Thanks for replying. So, this is a custom build? It cannot be bought as a kit or assembled anywhere?
I believe it is called red astray Asura.
Saw a couple of pictures of it on the internet, so I believe it has to be purchasable somehow sometime ago. Maybe?

i would say its definently a custom creation. Now you could get the individual parts to try and recreate it. At the very least there’s a ton of astray kits out there. So you could get the base red frame astray.

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I see…
Ok thank you.