What Gundam would you pilot?

If you had the opportunity to pilot a Gundam, how would that Gundam look and act like? And how do you think you found the Gundam?

ONIX Gundam naturally, pretty much is a close combat Mobile Suit with some kick ass speed and weapons, and complimenting armor. As for finding it, Id say I found it in cold storage in a warehouse somewhere and jack it Garrod style lol

EDIT: Heres a pic of it to assist in not causing a headache for people lol

basically he has the Following:

X1 “Reaver” Beam Rifle* Can be stored on any hard points on the suit
X2 GM III Beam Sabers
X2 Alex Vulcans but modified to fire beams
X2 Alex Gatling Guns but modified to fire beams
X1 “Beam Long Sword”* Can be stored on any hard points on the suit
X1 Alex Shield

Optional Equipment:
X1 Chobam armor equipment
X1 GM II Flight equipment (rockets for the shoulders and sides)
More on the way lol.

Turns out fellas, I only recently discovered this: By combining the Thrusters of the Alex (legs) and the GM III (Backpack) ive created a Mobile Suit with some serious speed. therefore its a safe bet that with the Beam Long sword or those gats, it is a formidable machine…

Shamelessly sits on his pedestal :3

Haha, the one I posted in one of the Build Fighters threads: The Dominus

This is a suit resulting from someone’s obsessive hunt for wrecks of mobile suits from various timelines so it’s likely that it belongs in the same time period as the Turn A (just not the same level of tech as that legendary suit). Here’s what it’s composed of:

  • The Destiny Gundam’s main body minus the Wings of Light and aesthetics modified to reflect an edgy and brutal look (like the Metal Build figure coming out soon). It retains its folding beam cannon, palm beam emitters, beam shields, and beam boomerangs.
  • The V2 Gundam’s back thrusters
  • The Epyon’s Beam Sword
  • The X Divider’s Beam Machine Gun.

The purpose of the suit is to enhance the Destiny’s original purpose of being a multi-dimensional weapon that can handle any threat at any range. Only downside is that the systems can be a bit temperamental so there are occasions when things just don’t work like they should.

The same one I posted in the other thread as well. The Crossbone Gundam with Beam blades that pop out of it’s feet, double Zambusters, and an eyepatch to match.

RX-100 Gundam Kreig.

Based arround the Mk. II, NT-1 and the RX-78-2, it’s a bit more stout than any of those, has Mk.II like Legs and an RX-78 style chest, and a Mk.II like Back pack.

x1 Gundam Hammer Bit: It’s a Gundam hammer with Psycommu installed so it’s more manuverable has thrusters on it as well
x2 [G] Gundam Style Sheilds one on each arm
x4 60mm Vulcans in the head
x1 70mm Gatling Cannon on the right side of the Chest where the vent would usually be
x2 Sheild Bit’s
x2 Beam Sabers hidden in the Sheilds, can combine into the beam javiln.

Basically it was devloped by some hairbrain scientist who wanted a successor to the Alex, and basically took the best parts of the Alex, RX-78, and newer suits like the Mk.II and wraped them into a newtype use close quarters combat package, overall the suit boasted preformance that most pilots have trouble keeping up with, as such the project was damaged heavily in testing hence the scared appearance, it untill we discovered it has never been used in an actual battle due to the dangers of the thrust, as well as the general preformance of the suit, the suit wasn’t made at the base we found it it was actually made for Cyber Newtypes from Flanagan.

Color Scheme is Black, Dark Grey and Blue, with Red Eyes, though only one lights up. Looks damaged but it’s nothing big, still functions at 100%.

As for me I would like to pilot a mix of Gundams.
It would have the legs of the Turn A because the Turn A’s legs are big and mighty and have excellent grip, flexibility, and has a multitude of thrusters.
It would have the arms of the burning Gundam so that it’s lightweight and flexible. And so it can perform melee attacks well, including the god finger.
It would have the torso of astray frame. Because the look of it is awesome and because it’s slim. But it would have a condensed Age-logo under the cabin hatch.
It would have the waist of unicorn Gundam just cause.
It would have the specs of 00 raiser.
The Dual GN Drives from 00 raiser as well.
It would have the head of dyname’s eye and v-fin attached to the face of age-2 and the back of the head would be Gundam zephyrantes.
It would have the backpack of hyuku shiki.
It would have the shoulders of AGE-2, but with GN-Drives sticking out the top of it.
And it would be capable of using Newtype tech and Age-System tech (changable legs, arms, and “wings”. Legs can change to The O’s legs, arms can change into Unicorn’s arms or Gundam MkII’s arms, the wings can change from Age-2’s interchangable wings to raiser’s wings to wing gundam’s wings.
It would be painted matte black with main accent metallic red and secondary accent glossy gold.
It uses the gn drive’s powers such as gn field, trans-am, and almost unlimited power. It also uses exia’s shield sword thingy (of the lack of the real name), 1 dual sided beam saber (like the justice Gundam), trans-am, and astray red frame’s gerbera straight.
I would find it left in a big hidden ditch by an unknown military that forgot to puck it up after a failed covert op. Then after piloting it, u would be recruited into the military since I was able to fly it well for being quite young.


I’d pilot this, http://www.gundamforums.com/showthread.php/38682-If-you-were-in-Build-Fighters-what-would-you-pilot?p=109701&viewfull=1#post109701

My own custom Gundam.

I had its drawings several years ago. It’s a shame that I couldn’t find it anymore. It’s hand drawn so it’s more painful for me to loose it.

Anyway, in it’s final design (as I have it revised over and over), it was inspired by Megaman X Ultimate armor and VR 747-J Temjin AKA White Knight. The overall color theme was inspired by VF-25 Messiah Alto Saotome colors. It’s mainly white with black and red as the secondary colors.

The face do not stray to much on common Gundam face. It has a four pointed golden crown for its V fins with a red crest on it. The “mouth piece” has a double stripe on it with two vertical lines in middle and a standard red chin without any painted red stretch from it like the Wing Zero. The head has a circular touch on it like the Gundams on 00.

I had the backpack and the wings inspired by Jehuty and adjusted it to make it more fit for a mobile suit.

The suit has a standard vulcans placed on the head similar to the position of the vulcans on Wing Gundam’s head and another standard pair on the shoulders like the Wing Zero and other Gundams.

It also equipped with a standard beam sabers stored at the back of the hips. The wings and backpack were inspired by Jehuty’s wings. Small and compact but packs a punch.

The main weapon is a type of sword rifle inspired by Temjin’s. The outer part of the barrel of the rifle is a double-blade sword where energy from the suits main generator can be condensed within the blade to enhance cutting ability. Energy can also be released through the blades to form a beam sword for a more powerful cutting experience. The tip of it has the opening where beam shots are fired.

I did not design a shield for it mainly as the sword rifle itself can be used as such, though it would not be as effective as real sheild.

If this is beyond a Gunpla battle, I’d like this to be powered by a semi-perpetual generator for long operation hours. This suit also employs heat less flight for a small level of stealth to compensate for its lack of defense.

The suit is also programmable, running in its own proprietary custom Linux kernel. I imagine myself writing a program called Overdrive System that accesses the APIs and the device drivers of the generator and the other parts and weapons of the suit which controls the distribution of energy from the generator to enhance a particular feature of the suit. It can be used to focus much of the energy to the thrusters for a boost, or it can be used to power up the rifle shots. Default settings of the Overdrive System is set in burst mode to conserve energy.

The cockpit is nothing that fancy. No Zero System or psychoframe like type of interface. It employs panoramic screen, but not the U.C. 360 panoramic type of screens. Of course, seat belts, general compartment where you can store your personal stuff, rations, first aid kit and medical items, fire arms, clothes etc. There’s another one where you can store your helmet and normal suit. Bubble gel air seal similar to tire sealant. The cockpit is also placed on the lower part of the torso.

Basically, it’s a medium to close range suit that can also be used for assault when Overdrive System is invoked. I see it as the final-upgrade-to-the-end-of-the-series type of suit. It lacks defense as it focuses more on mobility and speed.

LS2-0001 Arven Gundam

for Gundam Type, it would be Dynames

Its not really a gundam,but its close enough . It would be the tallgeese 2 with the zero system. Twin drives trans an. 2X beam sabers and a custom mega beam cannon. With long and medium range combat. Id fint it underground. And some princess would givre it to me saying save us

Freedom Gundam, it’s my favorite so I can beamspam to my heart’s content :slight_smile:
Other choice would be the Destiny Gundam or maybe the Destroy Gundam…

Oh boy. I hope your body can handle its G-Force if that thing goes Trans-Am.

O yea. I love gundam i would do anything to pilot one. I would have made sure i was fit and trained

I’ve been trying to figure out the answer to this question for the better part of a decade. I still don’t have one.

A mix between Susanowoo, Full Burnern and the X1, optionally equipped with a beam scythe :smiley:

I’ve already written a post here on what I’d pilot.

Zeta might be my favorite, but realistically it doesn’t go along with my combat style very well, so I’m going to go with my #2, the Infinite Justice, because it’s perfect for guys like me who like to charge straight at the toughest opponent at full speed, so I can hold them off while also attracting all the attention to myself, so my teammates can flank them for the kill. Give the IJ a shotgun or two and it would be even more suited to this combat style.

Exia would be good enough for me.

Nice, just nice.

A ball :3c (preferably the ver Ka with the sick nasty teeth).