What gundam game is this !?


I think it’s a game inside one of those Gundam cockpit pods in Japan.

I believe that’s Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield, which unfortunately is only available in Asia; Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan to be exact.

Of course it is, we never get the cool gundam games

It’s a curse, isn’t it.

Yeah. However, the cool thing is if you have the time and patience (not to mention some cash to blow) you can make your own…Seriously, all it is is a small round cockpit with a 180 canvas with some Joystick Controls and above the seat is a projector. all you really need (which is probably the one thing that would be a pain to get) is the software. However, if you were an expert in computer programming you too could over come that lol. me? I cant do all of the above…im just…saiyan…

DIY Gundam arcade machine. Why not? LOL