What got Gundam X cancelled?

A friend of mine is buying up ALL of the Gundam shows on DVD/Blu-ray that he can lay his hands on, and so I’ve just seen episodes 1, 2, and 20 of Gundam X, and I didn’t think it was so bad. Not great…nothing really new or original story-wise…but not real terrible. The closing themesong,
“Human Touch”, remains one of my top FIVE (soul-touching) favorite gundam pieces of all time.
James Staley

Low ratings in Japan. In the 1990s, Gundam had a huge surge. The franchise ran on TV continuously with Mobile Suit V Gundam in '93, G Gundam in '94, and Gundam Wing in '95. There was also the OVAs Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory and The 08th MS Team (both debuting in ‘93 and 95’ respectively), and the movie Gundam F91 in '91. So by '96, the year Gundam X premiered, viewers felt a little burned out.

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So, just too much of a good thing, eh?! A good show with bad timing.
PS. Does anyone else think the girls in that show look like Tenchi Muyo clone/copies?

Simple. The market for mecha shows in Japan was heavily oversaturated by Gundam, so the decision was made to pull the plug on After War Gundam X and put the series on hiatus until 1999 with its 20th anniversary.

Not to say that Gundam didn’t have a presence in the gap between AWGX and Turn A Gundam, as 1996 also marked the beginning of the OVA series 08th MS Team.

And you also had the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA and movie debuting in '97.

Yeah, before Turn A, Gundam lived its life in the late 1990s through OVAs.

Basically, picture the period between IBO and Witch from Mercury where we got almost nothing but Build spin-offs, but with actual mainline entries being distributed on home video and adding to the mythos of which timeline they were set in, rather than battle shonen wankfests.

What? I’ve blacklisted Gundam Build because I find it to be the complete antithesis of what Gundam should be, even if I can’t deny that these spin-offs are foolproof marketing-wise.