What are you working on?

What kits are you working on at the moment? Here’s what I’m working on at the moment.


what kit is that? it looks really fun, and your detailing is immaculate
i’m working on a PG Red Frame right now, here’s my progress after 3 months:

it’s been kind of busy with school so I haven’t had as much time as I would like

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This when I can get myself motivated to start it


Oh thanks . That’s the RX78-2 ver.ka, a very old kit lol. Which means it has hardly any surface details.

Wow how’s the Pg so far? I’ve never done a Pg before. All I ever did was just 1/100 kits.

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Time to start :smiley:

its really fun if you’re into a lot of really small details and have patients its a lot of time and work. from what i hear each pg build is different, and ive only done one other (zaku ii) and it was way different but a lot of fun. I’d recommend it for sure

Working on making this sucker pop I just wanted to paint this kit so I didn’t do any additional panel lining


How long did this kit take? I’ve been in the fence about this kit

My previous project was MG Gundam Dynames, which has just been completed last week.

Currently I am working on PG Skygrasper such that I can install the Launcher Striker to it to reproduce Mu’s sortie. Here are a few pictures of the process. Look at how long the AGNI is!! I hope there will not be any weight issue after mounting. Usually I omit painting the cockpits, inner frames and pilots because they cannot be seen but you cannot hide such details in Skygrasper due to the transparent canopy part. By the way, I will have a redundant Aile Striker because it is included with the skygrasper kit that was released in the mid 2000. Thanks Bandai for the poor planning of releasing other striker packs a decade later!


It looks like to be the waist of MG Gundam Grandpa Ver Ka because there are no round thrusters in the corresponding parts of other versions (at least for those I have - Ver 1.5 and 3.0). Please correct me if I were wrong.

You must work very hard to get your PG Astray! When I was a student, I could only buy Gunplas either by 1) spending the paltry pocket money and 2) getting good scores. The latter is the quickest route to buy the kit I want. Perhaps parents these days are now less stingy / more financially stress-free. In my old days, it is already a miracle to get a MG. A PG? That was something I never dreamt of. Another obstacle I faced as a girl is that we are not supposed to even watch animations like that, which is a kind of nonsense of prejudice / stereotype in my opinion.

Best wishes to your study!

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a few days if all you did was work on it. its a lot of parts and a lot of work but really fun i think

Thank you! And you’re right, there aren’t any round thrusters in the waist (unless there are some to add later and I just haven’t gotten there). I help tutor some of the freshman in my major and have been saving up birthday money with that as well to get this lad. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a dad who was into models (mostly planes, the occasional boats) and he loved sharing that with me.
That’s absolutely nonsense prejudice, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

I just got this kit so I might work on this soon (well hopefully by this year). Nice metallic paint job on it :smiley:

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Currently working on the Full Mechanics Lupus Rex with the Dragon King resin kit. Gonna build it as the Barbatos Draconic Rex.

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:hushed: I look forward to seeing what that is gonna look like, sounds really awesome.

Thx, are they not in stock right now? I was thinking of re buying this kit and using black 3.0 with fluorescent green to get that anime effect

This is where I am as of yesterday night

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gundam markers are on the way also :grin:

HG Dom - desert camo …

It only takes 10 days to build the Skygrasper from scratch (painting + assembly)!

Here is a picture at ~90% completion. Please pardon the panel lines. I am never good at that despite having 10 years+ experience :sweat:

After the installation of the Launcher Striker pack, my dream came true. For the first time the scene of Mu’s sortie is reproduced right in front of my eyes. Fortunately there is a substitute part for the left landing gear that connects the handle of the AGNI unit and stabilizes the plane. The only complaint is that the connecting part for the extendable claw (what is it called?) of the Sword Striker shares the same connection with the action base. Now this weapon becomes a spare part. You cannot mount this weapon on Strike either because the part that connects to the lower arm is shared by the shield and extendable claw. Is this a design flaw?