What are you watching/listening to?

One of my favorite songs: Loneliness by Mercenary

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Ritchie Kotzen.

Almost always in mood for Eternal Wind sang by Hiroko Moriguchi and Last Impression by Two-Mix

Listening to JUST COMMUNICATION because I love it~ Fun fact, I never knew it was a Gundam Wing OP until years after first hearing it, my sister had it on a burnt CD she gave me and I used it as a theme for an SDGF character I posted about awhile ago. :laughing:

Just Communication was not bad, Just Communication II was a bit better, personal opinion though. Some of the Two-Mix songs were pretty good. They released Rhythm Emotion, White Reflection, and Truth A Great Detective of Love from Detective Conan. Those are all pretty good, again, personal opinion.

There were also some other good songs, but do not remember them all. The ones mentioned were the ones often listened to. Last Impression is on the top though.

Pfffff I fell into an SDGF kick and made a Tallgeese-themed playlist. Here you go. XD

Pretty much any & every analysis of the last Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC Trailer. Gotta brush up on that lore. :sweat_smile:


I really love this ujyhtgrfed

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Lately I’ve been watching videos by a YouTuber named Drachinifel where he goes over various historical warships constructed from the1860’s to last battleships built in the 1940’s. Here’s his video on something called Plan Z:

Related to this subject, I’ve also been watching some guides for World of Warships as I’ve been thinking about getting into it:

Re watching The Expanse and on to book 3 of Malazan audio books. Reading them was a nightmare so giving the audio books a go.

hi im new soo yeah but anyway i listen to vigilante ,into the sky ,and raise your flag

I’ve been listening to the first Martriden EP lately.

Right now, I’m watching PBG play Tomodachi Life~ I miss my copy of the game, might try to find it. ;w;

Lately I’ve been rewatching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, albeit this time in chronological order. Favorite arc so far is the Mortis Arc.

Do you listen to Bathory at all? I have Blood On Ice, and I’m trying to get Nordland I & 2 and Twilight Of The Gods.

Yep. I have Blood Fire Death.

Recent events have me in nostalgia mode, so I’ve been burying myself in YuYu Hakusho when I’m not trying to work on kits. There’s not many other series I can say had such an influence on me growing up~


I’m due for a watch through of ghost files. Ogre and Koenma make that show.

I’ve been trying to watch Gundam Age. It’s not good but I’m still powering through it.

The story maybe “meh”, but at least you get to see all the mobile suits and designs.

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