What are you watching/listening to?

Going to drive to downtown Oakland after work today for a team outing. Got Dr. Dre’s 2001 queued up in YouTube to play while driving there. Setting myself up to travel back in time to middle school.

Ohhhh nice! What’s the occasion, visiting family?

Anywho, currently listening to an internet documentary. Trying to stay warm, it’s freezing pfffff.

Nah, my department at work won a Halloween decoration contest and as a reward, we get to go out for bowling and food. Tonight was the day we picked, which is kinda bad timing because even though I don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on my kid (since he’s on vacay in the Philippines), my wife and I started our diet this past Friday. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t go crazy with cheese and fatty food.

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I tried to watch NHK G channel, but it blocked.

So watched Ford vs Ferrari.

For one, super long movie with a run time of two and a half hours. It does have very good pacing and has drama, action, comedy and a slight touch of romance. The characters are all played very well and as far as I’ve spotted everything is quite historically accurate.

Even if you aren’t into cars I still highly recommend the movie. Le Mans is an international race that is like the Olympics of motorsports. You assemble the best teams and best athletes from various countries and have a sportsmanlike competition among citizens of the world. If you’re a patriot to the U.S. then it will give some pride in knowing that we actually built a car that can turn and did it so well that we won a European dominated race.

Korean drama with Japanese Dub and Sub.:smile:


Christmas Vacation



Finally I found NHK G channel. If anyone knows when Gundam Build Divers Rise broadcast, let me know…

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So I’ve found doing anything while listening to Bohemian Rhapsody makes it even more amazing. Currently headbanging while working on the MG Epyon. Pffffffffffffff.

Currently listening to the Tales of Nowhere podcast at work.

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Listening to MoshiASMR as I browse NewtypeHQ. Man, these ASMRtists just know what you want. :sweat_smile:

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Currently listening to Moondust. Such a sad song, but very much the current mood. :pensive:

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Yesssss such a good song.

If you haven’t heard, try these two. I get the same vibe.

Yuna - Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix)
Colossus - Under the Weather

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One of my favorite songs: Loneliness by Mercenary

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Ritchie Kotzen.

Almost always in mood for Eternal Wind sang by Hiroko Moriguchi and Last Impression by Two-Mix

Listening to JUST COMMUNICATION because I love it~ Fun fact, I never knew it was a Gundam Wing OP until years after first hearing it, my sister had it on a burnt CD she gave me and I used it as a theme for an SDGF character I posted about awhile ago. :laughing:

Just Communication was not bad, Just Communication II was a bit better, personal opinion though. Some of the Two-Mix songs were pretty good. They released Rhythm Emotion, White Reflection, and Truth A Great Detective of Love from Detective Conan. Those are all pretty good, again, personal opinion.

There were also some other good songs, but do not remember them all. The ones mentioned were the ones often listened to. Last Impression is on the top though.

Pfffff I fell into an SDGF kick and made a Tallgeese-themed playlist. Here you go. XD