What are you currently watching/reading?

So I thought I’d create a thread where we can discuss what’s up with our latest interests so we can find mutual interests through sharing what we’re currently reading and/or watching.

So well, this is a Gundam forum, and I’m still trying to slowly finish Destiny, painfully, which isn’t that bad, really cough.

Other interests at the moment, I’m reading Saint Seiya, one of the 80s Shonen manga that wasn’t so popular in the west.
I’ve watched Knights of the Zodiac, which I loved, but this was years back, so reading the manga to something like this is nostalgic, and I’m kind of happy to indulge in this again.

What’s currently on your list/mind/shelf?

I just started watching the original Space Battleship Yamato series as far as Anime goes. I’ve been watching the 1970’s Japanese Spiderman (Supaidaman) which is awful yet hilarious. It’s like the 60’s Batman campiness mixed with Power Rangers or something to that effect. Spiderman fights off giant monsters in his mecha, Leopardon. Oh yeah, his arch enemy is named Dr. Monster which I find funny. The battle always ends with him shooting his sword (yes, Spiderman fights with a sword wielding mecha) at the giant monster and blowing him up.
I just finished reading the RaXephon manga and started 7 Billion Needles. Too much Anime/Manga/Models, too little time.

I am in the middle of watching Deathnote, Trigun, and MSZG I am also reading Naruto as it releases

I read Naruto and Bleach every week they come out. I used to read a couple other mangas regularly, but lack of time and boredom caused me to stop. I am thinking about giving up on Bleach too, because of how terrible the recent chapters have been; the author is clearly pulling shit outta of his ass to keep the story going, Dragon Ball GT-Style, the greedy bastard. On the other hand Naruto is amazing, and just keeps getting better and better, which is surprising considering how long its been around. Its author has done an incredible job in keeping the story and characters fresh and interesting, and I believe it should go in history as one of the greatest mangas ever.

In the meanwhile, I have been watching a lot of anime lately, due to most of the TV shows I watch being on summer hiatus, such as Parks and Rec, Community, and Lost Girl, as well as the fact that Spring semester is over for me (Summer semester starts in just 2 weeks though :(). I am currently rewatching Gundam Wing, Code Lyoko, Gun X Sword, and Durarara, as well as watching 11 eyes for the first time. So far, it is a interesting, albeit weird series. I am also watching many of my old WWE and TNA pro wrestling DVD’s and VHS’s. That’s right, I still have VHS’s and a VCR. In fact, that’s how I am watching Gundam Wing. I got the entire series on VHS.

Catching up on the tv show Bones.

For anime, i’m watching Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and Attack on Titan.

Currently reading Xenocide from the Ender series.

Watching Turn A at the moment and in between that is a bit of Gundam X.

In terms of reading, I’m actually re-reading Eyeshield 21 again to remind myself why I love that manga so darn much.

Do regular books count? If so, I’m still in a sci-fi binge after finishing Joe Halderman’s Forever War and Forever Peace. I don’t want to finish the last one yet so I’m side-tracking with the Ender’s Game series, starting with First Meetings. Prior to that was a Fantasy binge with Brandon Sanderson’s stuff.

It’s amazing how much you can read in 30 minutes a day.

Cowboy Bebop, Pokemon B/W, thinking I’ll watch another Gundam Series after Cowboy Bebop.

Gargantia and Attack on Titan, check. Fixing to read the whole Ender series before the movie?

I’m currently watching Valvrave and Majestic Prince.

Valvrave and Gargantia. But I think I’ll finish up season 1 of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san too.

I’m watching Transformers prime and that’s about it. lol And the japanese spiderman show thing is funny. Spider man operating a mech is just priceless.

My brother and I are currently watching darker than Black and loving it. Two weeks vack, we watched Zoids Chaotic century, and next week will be Zoids Genesis/Fuzors and then New Century Zero. After that will be Death Note. This is our whole summer, we can only watch from about 8:00 PM until Midnight on weeknights, we’ve both got busy jobs.

I’d be watching Fist of the North Star on YouTube if all the episodes hadn’t been deleted. :C

Well, time to commence viewing Gundam Age.

Be prepared for mediocre to below-mediocre episodes.

Just finished Mystrious Girlfriend X, beginning Polar Bear Cafe this week.


I just finished Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Macross was pretty good. The English voice acting was pretty good and Mari Iijima’s performance of Lynn Minmay was nice. I also love Shoji Kawamori’s VF-1 Valkyries, they are incredible to look at. Nadia was… different. It is extremely loosely based on Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Believe it or not, this Studio Gainax series was the series that got Hideaki Anno, director of Evangelion, his first Animage Gran Prix. And traditional Gainax and Anno productions, the climax episodes have a bit of a mind screw (not as messed up as EVA, but still mind screwy nonetheless). Mind you, Nadia is a good series with quality animation (except for about 10 filler episodes) and excellent voice acting.

I’m currently reading Ghost Sweeper Mikami. I’m at Chapter 5 of volume 3. It’s a nice manga.
I was finishing up Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, yesterday.

Earlier in the day, I was watching SD Gundam Force with my brother. Does anyone feel like they’re watching something out of Megaman Battle Network but with SD Gundams?
It’s not bad at all.

It really isn’t bad despite being flamed to a crisp when it first ran on Toonami. The final 26 episodes really bring depth to this series (as far as SD Gundam goes). My favorite mech from that show has got to be Zero Custom, Knight of the Silver Winds!

Haters gonna hate.
For something meant for children, it’s surprisingly decent. I’m not even a fan of SD Gundam.

So right now I’ve started to watch Martian Successor Nadesico, and I’ve got to say… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE CREW MEMBERS ARE INSANE!!! Except for Ruri; she’s alright. The show is a parody of the space opera/mecha genre, and it’s pretty hilarious. If you want to a mecha anime that is tailored to play for laughs, this is a great show to watch.