What are undergates?

I often come across pieces in the instructions that is labeled as “アンダーゲート” (“undergate”) and they have little tabs that stick out, even after removing the piece from the sprue. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to cut them or not. Here is an example:

The page, with little triangles by the undergates

The piece in question (C17)

Thank you in advance.

I have wondered that myself. I never knew if I should clip them off or leave them.

I was always confused by that. I usually clip them off.

Yeah, they’re meant to be clipped/sanded/shaved off like a normal nub. Undergrating is just the nub being placed under the parts where it is least visible and will affect the appearance of the parts the least.

Ah ha! Mystery solved. Thank you sir.

Anytime, good sir.

I find it a bit strange when undergrating is done on normal parts. I always thought they’re used only on metallic-plated parts (like those titanium-finish kits).

Yeah, it is strange. There are a lot on the Astray Master Grades.

Undergrating ought to be featured in every kit.

I’d even be willing to pay more for the mere service of it

I agree with deathscythe. I love this idea and it should be implemented more. I have the MG Sazabi titanium finish and the nub marks are quite noticeable in some places.

Yea that’s the problem with it, it tends to cost much more to locate them in hidden places. What really bugs me is they don’t use them for PG’s. Sometimes Bandai just makes me wonder wtf they are thinking, especially with really expensive kits.

@Zaku: That’s the problem i hate about special finish kits. They just plate or pour a nice plastic into existing molds, so you’re getting the exact same runners.

Yea it was the first special finish model i bought and it will also be the last.

Understating is always appreciated, but it is especially important on kits with special coatings and the like.