What are the best GUNPLA GRUNT UNITS?

I am new to the whole GUNPLA experience. I would like to ask what are the best GRUNT UNITS in GUNPLA form? I want to build a GRUNT UNIT but I don’t know what to pick.

If possible, separated.


Thank you in advance!

Are you looking for a mg or hg?

As @Rxslinger, asked, what scale are you looking for? And from which era or series are you more interested in? There were plenty of grunt units released in 1/144 scales and some made their way to 1/100, MG, RE/100, though only 1 PG.

But maybe you want to shrink down the perimeter, such as era or series, so people can provide better answers.

Leo and Strike Dagger were pretty cool…

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I second the Leo, the hguc ground gm hguc is also nice. So is the MG Ball and MG GM Sniper Custom, MG GM Sniper 2 and MG GM Command. Just to name a few.

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The HG GM/GM always gets my vote, especially with the three different heads you get in the pack. <3

While people are asking you about scale, you should be asking yourself: How simple do I want the kit to be?

Older kits require cementing. Newer modern kits don’t really require cementing due to the better parts separation. I guess it boils down to how much work you want to put in to the kit.

Thank you for all the replies! Sorry for not narrowing it down.

I am looking for an HG SCALE GRUNT UNIT but MG will do fine as well.

As for the series, I don’t have any specifications. If it’s about the aesthetics, the GUNDAM UNICORN line is catching my eye.

No need to apologize. You did not do anything wrong.

It was just that Gundam, as a franchise, span across many series and Bandai did released fair amount of grunt units at various sizes and grades and whatnots. So if you narrow down the perimeter a little bit, easier for people to make suggestions.

The grunts in Unicorn series were mostly from previous Universal Century ones, so you actually would see the similar GM, Zaku, Jegan, Gelgoog and so on. Of course, the series also have original ones, but about an handful compared to the ones from previous series.

If you like Federation side, maybe the Jegans, bunch of variants actually, might be of your interest. If you like transforming ones, maybe you like to consider ReZel. And of course, there were also GMs, GM IIs, GM IIIs, and Nemos.

If you like Zeon, Geara Doga, Geara Zulu, Gaza, Gelgoog, Dom, and plenty of Zakus to choose from.

There should be fair amount of the mentioned suits released in HG. Not so much for MG or RE/100 releases, if they do, it might have ended up as P-Bandai release, for ones like GM II or Jegans, except the original one.

Thanks! I’m leaning towards for the GMs. Any suggestions?

For whatever reasons, has somewhat been partial to GM Quel. Actually, GM and Zaku have many many variants.

There is also GM Thunderbolt with multiple shields, GM/GM from Build series as @Ronove mentioned, GM Cannon II, and if you have played the Gundam Battle Operations on PS3 or Gundam Battle Operations 2 on PS4, you probably will see the GM Light Armor or GM Guard Custom…

You might want to head to Dalong.net, but the website is in Korean, and look under the HG section, you will get to see bunch of GM kits even without clicking in for details, and maybe one of them will popped out to you.