Welcome to the new Gundam Forums!

Welcome to the new Gundam Forums! We had to revert back to a previous build of the site so posts after April 15 will not show up unfortunately but users can now create accounts. If you have any questions or feedback about the new site let us know as we will be continuing to improve and build.

brushes off layers of dust
I still function!


Did anyone get a notification that this was happening? lol

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I was finally able to log back in. When I saw the new look, my initial thought was. “Well, this is officially the end” I thought the forum had finally got shut off.

Sorry when we got the forum we could not access a lot and could not send notifications :frowning: we are updating and still moving over a ton of info from old site and adding new things.

What’s up with the password thing? I had to log on with email. Do we need to make new passwords?

I did to recover my account. Hit “Forgot Password” and double check your spam folder in your email account.

after a long time lurking I could finally create a account so it was good for me



New to the forums, not new to gunpla. Hope to contribute alot here


love your works man!

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appreciate it, glad ive got another outlet outside of instagram to share things. moving to youtube in the near future as well

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That’s why I joined this, to get to know more gunpla enthusiasts and learn more. My IG is @SocalGunpla.

It’s easier to have conversations on here :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be honest though. I franlky find navigation to be a chore so hopefully the staff new and old will be able to organize it a little better :3


Based on your reply to Squee, it had confirmed that this forum was running the same platform as the one that Amazon have. It was unpleasant and annoying as well. Did not think such will be used anywhere else, but Western Digital do use it too…:expressionless:

Anyway, just an user, not much can be done. :no_mouth:

Emoji’s are fun though :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

I also would like to say on behalf of the veterans of the old forum that the original color scheme (Black White and Orange) shoudl be part of the Forum in some way. Btw what Engine are you guys using?

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Not a bad idea :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say hey, just joined the site and have purchased numerous kits from usagundamstore so I’m looking forward to exchanging some fun convos with peeps here!


I’m pretty sure the consensus among the OG members is that we are all very dissatisfied with how the transition when down. Especially those of us (including myself) who’ve had their entire account purged. It would’ve been nice to know this was going to happen in advance so we could’ve had a opportunity to archive things that we wanted to keep.

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