Weird comparisons between MS

Hi there!

I do really not know whether any topic resembling with mine has already been started or not -
however :

I’m going to post hilarious and humorous stuff here just in order to entertain you (and me while creating pictures).

The first picture focuses on comparing Guncannon and Strike Freedom.

Commonly considered as one of the most exaggerated Gundams, Strike Freedom has gained many fans but also aroused a lot.

But would it really stand a chance against our beloved Guncannon?

Let’s find out, shall we?

Now that you’ve been eludicated, what do you think? I don’t think I (accidentally) made any mistake, doing investigation on both.

I actually want it to be acknowledged as entertaining, comedy etc. . Don’t take it serious.

EDIT : I’ll fix that mistake in a minute… “devoped” … stupid keyboard.

Got to go woth the strike

The Strike Freedom would tear it apart.

Well, guys, have you taken a look at the section where this was posted just a few hours ago and therefore apprehended what I was intending to do when I posted it?

OF COURSE IT WOULD. This is just for entertaining purposes.

Speaking about comparisons, what’s next? Guncannon vs. Turn A? Send me your suggestions!

I’d like to see GM III versus Victory Gundam.

YOU WILL SEE GM III vs. Victory Gundam. Victory 1 or 2?

But first of all, I’ve got to arrange a comparison between Guntank and Turn A.

Victory meaning Victory 1, of course.

I wanna see dom versus apsulus.

finally, somebody who understands. godness, I’ve figured out that it is the commonly the seed fans not comprehending the implicitly exhibited troll. but here, we’ve got one! ( I’ve have been struggling with Facebookers for a while now)

GM Vs. Turn X lol should be a good one

I’ve been tending to compare TurnA vs. Guntank. GM’s permitted to oppose QanT xD

Come on man, do some more!

Guncannon Vs Wing Zero . lol well put the Zero system in Guncannon and see how it goes

Let me subscribe to this thread. I’ll be waiting for the humorous comparisons. LOL

I’ll try to create mine. Hahah :smiley:

If I had been reminded to originate even further images, many of you would’ve laughed extremely …

Its been a while lets take a Leo and put it up aganist Victory 2 Gundam…

Leo is destroyed instantly because its a grunt suit (and has no neck). The end. :cool:

I’Ve got some time now. I’ll attend to all your requests.

Upcoming :

Guncannon vs. Turn A
Leo vs. Hi Nu Gundam
and so on xD

looking foward to the Guncannon/ Turn A battle , Guncannon aint goin down with out a fight

Don’t forget GM III vs. Victory Gundam.