Weird bleamish from gundam marker paint

Recently, I’ve been redoing my first kit and I accidentally made some bleamishes on plastic when I was panel lining. Tried to remove these stains with 99% IPA and Q tips yet the stains still remains. Any ideas how to get rid of these?

Also the piece may looks rough beacuse it was my first kit and my first attempt on removing the seam lines :slight_smile:

What did you use to panel line the kit?

Black Gundam marker with fine tip.

Was there a nub mark in that area? Sometimes those marks can stain the plastic where a nub mark was located.

I’m like 50% there was a nub mark in this spot, yes. I dont remember exactly cuz I was bulding this model back in Ocober.
Is there anyway to get rid of that stain without bathing entire piece in IPA? :neutral_face:

Alcohol pads have worked for me with removing gundam marker.

I’ve been using qtips soaked up with izopropanol 99% yet the stain still remains :confused:

I bough Mr.Paint remover and I hope it will help.