Weapon set

Just finished customizing a weapon set to fit my own style. Using a GM Interceptor to show it off, might throw it on my RX-78 Origins I have.


I recognize the Fake Nu weapon set, but the other one I’m not sure.

I only added the GN Drive and the shoulder cannon to it. After I set up the shoulder cannon I figured out how to keep the beam saber but oh well, maybe next time

So the cannon backpack is just a custom build you did

Yeah, it’s just a light custom job with adding two features to the fake nu weapon set

Very nice. Looks good

The thought of a GM using TransAm is crazy! I’d love to see something like that on a Zaku or Leo.

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If you want to keep the beam saber, you can cut the Saber mount off of the backpack and glue it on the underside of the cannon. It would look similar to the gundam mudrock.

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imagine trans am on a ball. It would be “fastball”.


i was simple minded and robbed the beam rifle from my gelgoog cannon lol