Water slide decals

Hello guys just wanted to ask on what you use on your waterslide decals. Does the softener makes it thinner? Just starting out with decals btw.tia

Decal softener will help decals conform to the surface. If your applying the decal to a round surface decal softener will help it form to it, or if your applying a decal over a panel line cut the decal where the panel line is and apply softener and the decal will form to the panel line.

Ok. So if I’m only applying decals on flat surface then I’m good to go to top coat?

Usually yes, but it doesn’t hurt to use softener. Just make sure you are applying the decal on a surface that has a gloss coat on it.

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I typically use both the setter and softner. And before I apply my final top coat, I apply gloss coat over the decals to fully seal them in. And it typically allows them to appear painted on rather than seeing an edge.

Water Decal are easy, now I need to know how to use the Liquid Spray Paint.

What do you mean liquid spray paint? Is that a brand of paint?

Pardon my mistake, it’s Lacquer spray.