Which one works best with Bandai plastic?

Are you planning on putting it on bare plastic?


Well you shouldn’t use enamel paints/washes on bare plastic it can have a bad reaction and make the plastic extremely brittle.

You need to have a gloss coat before applying the wash.

Ok. Thanks.

I have used Tamiya Panel line accent colors on my kits for years. Both unpainted and painted. And have not had any issues with it at all. Great stuff.

As for other kinds of washes. For me it all depends on the desired affect. I’ve used acrylic paint and isopropyl alcohol to clean it up. And I’ve used enamels with Zippo lighter fluid to clean it up. Just really depends on what you’re wanting to achieve.

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Just trying to achieve a slightly worn look.

Ah, you’re wanting to add some slight weathering. Then I’d recommend using some oil based paints. I have some burnt umber by Master’s Touch. And it works great. It’s very slow drying so you have plenty of time to work with it.

Thanks for the tip.

What do you use as a thinner?

Usually whatever is available to me. But I’ve had good luck with Mineral Spirits.

Isn’t mineral spirits the most common thinner for oil washes?

BTW thanks for mentioning oil washes I bought some MIG oil wash pens to try out back in December to try out and I completely forgot about them. Thanks for reminding.

Have a look at some of the weathering master Tamiya pallets, they look like makeup. Those, some light chipping and flat coat can give some very good relatively easy results.

Thanks folks.