Warp drive?

So in light of Harolds White’s experiments and new theories what do you think about the possibility of warp drive(Alcubierre drive) actually working in the next 50 years?I have read over both of the theories and physics and math seem to add up with some allowances for current level of physics. Reaching Alpha Centauri in 14 days is a sweet deal.(110 times the speed of light)

First I’ve heard of this actually.

I hope it pans out, I truely do, space travel has always been a dream of mine, granted I’ll be 69 by the time that happens if it happens in the 50 yeards they think we may be able to achive it. Though asumeing medical tech keeps improveing 69 will be the new thirty before long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering the new improvements of cybernetics and genetics if some pharmacological company does not bury it in the next 30 years or so we should see drastic elongation and improvement of human health.

Im not gonna lie, I am completely in the dark. could someone elaborate. are you guys saying they successfully proved warp drive?

No, they havent yet. Ok here is a simplified and shortened version

Alcubierre warp drive theory states that it is possible to travel faster than light if the ship itself stays still while the space is bent around it with space behind craft pushing the warp envelope to faster than light speeds. The original theory needed astronomical amounts of energy to actually work and some changes in current physics like negative mass.

The new theory of Harold White states that the warp field could be achieved at a fraction of power required by Alcubierre theory and he is currently doing experiments to prove that spacetime can be bent of a micro scale to prove the overall theory. If the field is doughnut shaped not spherical and is oscillated then the power requirements decrease when the initial field is achieved.

The change in power requirements from original to revised theory can be imagined as change of amount of mass needed to generate the energy from Jupiter sized to the size of the Voyager 1 craft(700kg or so)

I’ll be so happy the day humans can visit the Andromeda Galaxy and meet other races.
Imagine, just meeting a civilization that’s starting out, or an advanced civilization that boasts insane power?

We’ll have wars, of course. We might even be wiped out, but I’ll die happy knowing we’re not alone in the universe in terms of intelligence.

I’ll be sad if I’m 70 by the time this happens. I want to live in a space colony NOW!

OH! you mean the “Warp Bubble” Theory: essentially a “Warp Generator” generates a “Warp Bubble” around an object (say a starship) and this “bubble” constraints Space in front of the ship, while expanding space behind it, therefore propelling the ship through space and time. or am I completely off track?

Yes thats it.

And yeah we will have wars if not with aliens then with ourselves. By the way building Gundam type colonies is quite feasible especially if we have fusion power. And since most of them are in Lagrange points the travel time would not be so bad.

@Shin, I think we should worry about exploring this Galaxy before we even attempt to find a way into another one lol. There’s bound to be other intelligent life in the milky way as well anyways.

Anyways yeah a war with something would be inevitable. Sadly I see us being the ones to instigate something with another race when we find one, assumeing they’re peaceful.

Considering the probability that the other species would be even remotely like us then the war will probably be our mutual fault.

Also at the moment the readiness level of technology is something like stage 1, I would compare it to physicists work of 1900-1910 so we would need at least another 30 years to produce something that would actually work in the crudest possible way like the earliest atomic tech. And since we are not in that kind of war and the research of technology is now a much slower process due to variety of factors I would say 50+ years to a practical example. Then again computer tech is advancing much faster so I cant really say and there could always be breakthroughs. I personally believe that WW3 has to happen before we actually reach the level of technology to achieve practical space travel. Wars always jump started technology and society into action. Not the slow burning brush fire war like the recent conflicts but the all or nothing total war.

I agree, but “hot” war isn’t completely needed, the Cold War help keep technology moving at a very rapid pace, although one could say WWII helped to get things moving, but the Cold War was one of the biggest jumps in technology the world has ever seen

It was indeed, one of the biggest Jumps in tech, especially in the Western World, where as in the Soviet Block states it was still huge especially early on but it pettered out after awhile due to Isolationism (aside from other Comunist nations) hurting the Economy. But I digress, a Cold war can be just as good if not better for Technological advancement due to fear, and no massive need to dedicate massive resources into building up an active war effort.

That aside (and I know this isn’t the thread for it) the cold war gave us some of the best propaganda and insutrial films of all time, but that’s just one of my odd hobies is things like Duck and Cover (You know with the Turtle) and Propaganda posters…I find them intresting as all hell, but I’m a history buff likt that.

The problem with the Cold War versus Hot War is that during cold war people start to think the world is ending because its just not coming to and end, look at how post apocalyptic genre just sprung up and flowered during the cold war days. Plus a cold war could last decades longer and would end up like it did now with collapse of one or more superpowers and never ending regional conflicts that followed it. There would be no uniting into a single Earth government or even several bigger ones.
It would be nice to do it without war but as we see now from the Arab spring the brushfire conflicts are spreading and sooner or later China would intervene to keep their interests safe in Africa and then NATO would intervene. Of course it wont happen now, give it about 10 to 20 years for China to build its forces up, for the conflict really to spread wide and to have possibly a change in leadership in Russia that would put it in a more cooperative mood.

There will never be a united world goverment though in the near future, its just not possible. Humans will always naturally sect themselves. You could take 100 humans that all look the same except 50 have a big nose and 50 have a small nose. They will seperate themselves into those 2 groups, make the groups uneven and one will begin to scapegoat the other. Its human nature and untill we can change that basic human nature, will continue to war witheach other. I’m not even taking into consideration greed, good/evil, power, ect. The only thing would unite humans is a threat to everyone. One thing I will say, we humans love to hate eachother, but give us a common enemy, then we unite to eliminate that threat, then we go back to hating eachother lol

Oh I am not saying something as foolish as uniting the humanity to eliminate all the prejudice. What I am talking about is something like Super UN that would have more authority and act as a kinda government over the other ones. Kinda like Systems Alliance in Mass Effect.

That would be the best bet, and the most logical for something like that to work. Keep us united as posible (especially if we begin treking the Galaxy) but still have seprate governments, mainly back on earth. Still that’s a big step in and of it’s self even but is more likely to occur than a single united government.

Unfortunately if one single government actually rises it would be a very strict police state with clear segregation of nationalities into levels.

I disagree, I think that could happen. I think another path would be like the current UN, a democractic/republic goverment body with no real power since it would be reliant on the participating countries to carry out its will

Name a single government in current history that is or was considered a world leader and it did not turn out to be a police state. No matter what the actual governments say US, UK, other european countries are all police states. We are observed 24/7 our internet and phone activity is recorded and our rights are lessening with each year all in the name of security. Look at what happened at Occupy wallstreet protest, if that is not evidence enough of police state then there are countless more examples. Same goes for UK where anyone could end up in jail for downloading music or movies but the bankers who lost billions still earn millions. Face it we are not in a democracy we are in a mix of Corporatocracy and Banocracy with dash of others mixed in. powerful lobby groups pay the elected politicians to further their interests and they happily oblige.