W.I.P Dark Meteor Nightingale

Hello Gundam Forums people. THis is the first model I’ve customized, feel free to advice on me

  1. Start with planing where thing will goes.

  1. I used foil as base and construct the spike with eproxy

  1. Killed GP02 for his part for my son

  1. before and after buttom

  1. 20%

7.Airbrush primer

ps… I will use metallic black, silver and gold

  1. primer metalic process at 40%

  1. Cut the screen and placed on his wing

  1. creating outline

  1. more airbrush

  1. coating gold on the screen

  1. Inserted metal part and adjust stuff on the his buttom


Awesome, this looks crazy cool! Which version of the nightingale did you use as the base kit?

Wowzer! I don’t think this beginner can give you any advice haha! By the looks of your project, you are the one who should give some advice!

Oh yeah, are you from Thailand?

Squee. i got chinese version of nightingale http://gundamcentury.com/2012/05/rc-1100-nightingale-by-hide1234.html

Voltes : Yes, i’m from Thailand. ^^ r u?

Ah i’ve heard that kit can be nightmarish depending on what batch you get. I just noticed the screen replacement. This kit looks so sexy in black!

WOW! That is absolutely insane man!

Normally, I’m not a fan of the Nightingale. However, that kit looks super sexy! An excellent job.

Squee: yah… it was a nighmarish… the original is much like a piece of card that could turn into joker. Spent a month just to fix and able to assemble him together. and thxxx :slight_smile:

thx Thwalker and Zeta^^

Its gorgeous!

Thx a bunch sir!


Holy crap that thing is HUGE!

That looks awesome, has a feel of medieval knight about it.

Don’t know what the super beam weapon is, I must not have got to watching that series yet (Gone through Z Gundam, Gundam Wing, and F91 so far)?