Voice Actor or Hollywood Actor?

I know this is a weird thought but here goes: if you were given the Golden opertunity to become an actor. which one would you be? would you be the Hollywood actor or the Voice Actor? now yes i know that Hollywood actors do Voices once and a while, but im talkin about the Actors you dont see on the front page, im talkin about the ones that dont have their faces plastered (whether they want it or not) on the Tabloids, the ones that make Say Anime (and other animations and games) watchable. in other words would you want to be a Voice Actor (Steven Jay Blum) or a Hollywood Actor (Tom Cruise)?

I’d be a Voice Actor, anime, and games pretty much, unless I can do both, like Seth Green (Plays in ME series and voiced in Fam Guy) or Samuel L. Jackson (In the Boondocks, Afro Samurai, and GTA San Andreas, on top of Movies).

So yeah normal Actor who’d also do voice rolls, I think I can take the Paparatzi…hell I’d joke with them, I’m not one to track stars but I love whachign TMZ, funny stuff.

Personally, id be a VA. im a little bit of a recluse and i “Have a face for Radio”*…and of course im not one for stunts, and of course VA is alot more fun to do.

*Sean William Scott-Evolution…

Would you believe that this guy was born in the same town as my dad? cool huh?

Yeah I’m not a looker, but I’m funny, or so people say, which means I can do funny stuff, people have said I can act, called me animated. I don’t know whether to be offended or not lol.

Being a VA on top of it though would be a must, I’d love to voice charictars for games and such.

I seem not to comply with your preferences. If I were given the opportunity to select one of these, I’d first of all collect some suggestions of my family. Afterwards I’d have my decision influenced by their recommendations and mine and that would lead to excluding the consideration of being occupied as a VA. Except for projects as horrible and inglorious as “G-saviour”, I would keep distance from these instead.
On the other hand, I’d never be able to make contribution to producing an Anime as e.g Unicorn which is expected to finish consummately. But it takes a lot of capability to be hired as an VA. Capability I’d have to learn and improve afterwards.

I’d probably be a Hollywood actor. I have a rather common voice and I’m not that great at changing it.


seems more fun
also coincides with being a vtuber one day

I would prefer to be a VA, you could set up a home studio and do it from home. When I was in high school I would do different voices I used to have a pretty good Carman, kyle and Butters impersonation. . Mow about the only voices I do is my announcer voice while drinking with friends and reading Dating profiles out loud. People usually finding it entertaining at when we’re out at the bar. I even had strangers ask me to read profiles on their phones to them.