Visiting Japan soon!

What kind of kits should I look out for? I personally want to search for a HG phantom gundam while I’m there and definitely get a psycho doga at the Gundam Base! What other kits should I look out for? Thanks!

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I think it’s hard to say without know what series you like.

i love zeon kits, and i love the newer wfm designs as well. I really enjoy MG kits too.

Here are my bits of advice: 1) only buy what you can afford, 2) if you can afford the costs have it shipped to your address, 3) if you can’t afford the costs of shipping only buy what you can pack alongside your luggage for the ride back home, and 4) if you go with option 3 try to make sure you bring it as a carry-on item.


I would say look for kits that don’t show up on sites very often or any that would be like a rare find.

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Hey! Thanks! I’m probably only going to be buying 2 kits and they’re most likely going to be hg or rg. so I don’t really need to worry about luggage space. recently I’ve been really interested in the governor series by kotobukiya. they’re like 70-120mm tall so they’re small too. But definitely only buying things that I can afford!

Oh yeah I’m definitely looking for a phantom gundam or a messer since I can’t get the phantom here and messers are cool :smiley:

P bandai has both the regular messer and the commander type up for preorder now.

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Yeah I saw! I’m visiting in march and april, the japanese release is in may, though I think.