Vifam7's completed kits that are currently on the display shelf

A couple of quick photos of stuff that’s on my display shelf. I’ve posted these kits on other forums before.

MG Vers 2.0 Zaku
This was the very first MG kit I built. Panel-lined and clear flat sprayed on.

MG Vers 2.0 RX-78 Gundam
Changed the chest color to a darker blue. Not sure if that was the right call.

MG Nemo
This kit is pretty much perfect straight out of the box.

1/100 G-Cannon and Heavy Gun
Old kits from the 1990’s. Terrible fit. Glue required. Sanding required. Painting recommended. I painted mine here and there to give it some detail.

MG F91
Only painted the white trim on the shoulder fins

1/100 HG Kyrios Gundam
Built this kit despite not watching 00. Still have not yet watched 00.

You have some great looking kits man. The flat coat you used is super smooth looking. The details and paint you added certainly looks great as well. Awesome work man.

These kits look great. My favorites are the G-Cannon and F91. You did a great job on all of them, but those two stick out the most for me.

Great job. All of those kits scream quality.

I concur. These kits look beautiful.

Man those are really nice. What kind of flat coat do you use?

Most of my kits were sprayed with Tamiya TS-80 clear flat. One of them might have been sprayed with Testors Dullcote.

Tamiya TS-80 is an excellent clear flat spray. Unfortunately, Tamiya seems to have ended production of it. :frowning:

Damn i wonder why they did that. It looks awesome to me.