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Please give a reason. Posting and running isn’t fun. Fanboi wars are for snot-nosed kids.

Before I answer, I should point out that I’m a huge gamer and own every major current game platform (other than Microsoft Windows), as well as a plethora of classic systems.

I picked the PlayStation 3. I play it the most by far (Wii gathers dust, unless I have an urge to play Samba de Amigo or NiGHTS; 360 likes to freeze and crash, while Xbox Live is overrun by homophobic, racist, sexist, hateful twits. I recently dropped my Gold account after being a member of Xbox Live virtually, since its inception; why pay $60 USD to renew a online system I can’t use reliably?).

Most (good) third party titles are on both PS3 and 360. Putting third parties aside, Sony (God of War, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo, Sports Champions, etc.) makes a wider variety of games which are also of a far higher quality than Microsoft’s offerings (FPS, FPS, Fable, FPS, Forza, FPS, FPS) or Nintendo’s (Mario, Zelda, Metroid, crippled Metroid, crippled Zelda, and endless casual games). My game library ought to be indicative of my favored systems; my PS3 and Dreamcast each have nearly a hundred legal titles on my shelf (Software pirates are a cancer and should be fined heavily). I like pretty much every type of video game under the sun (although I only like FPSs, minigame collections, traditional sports, and RTSs in moderation).

As far as portables go, my PSP gets the most love, but I still play on my iPad and DS.

I’ll end this with a list of some of my current favorite PS3 titles (in no particular order):

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing
Sega Genesis Collection
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2
Heavy Rain (with or without Move)
God of War Collection/III
Killzone 2
Transformers: War for Cybertron
Yakuza 3
DJ Hero
King of Fighters XII
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1/2
Demon’s Souls
Final Fantasy XIII
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
Assassin’s Creed 1/2
Uncharted 1/2
Alien vs. Predator
Valkyria Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles, and VALKYRIA CHRONICLES (seriously if you own a PS3, BUY THIS GAME)

and many more.

Obviously there’s a lot of Single Player-only games in there. For the multiplayer games, I have a PS3 bluetooth headset.

P.S. As far as my PSP goes I mostly play Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus (although I’ll occasionally pop in Disgaea 2, Prinnies, or some other game).

P.P.S. if you want to exchange PSN IDs for playing online together, PM me and I might choose to share that information.

  1. Halo.

Halo 3? ODST? Reach? All three? More information would be helpful.

Xbox 360. I really thought this was the best all around system. I don’t play computer games often so I have little experience in that field. However, I have plenty of game system experience.

The reason I love the 360 is for several reasons,

  1. It’s an easy set up. You can access online play very easily and user interface works very well, in comparison to the Wii and PS3. The Wii has dodgy controls on the user interface and with the PS3 you have to go through massive amounts of folders and sub-folders.

  2. I personally believe that the 360 has better graphics. The Wii’s graphics are quite possible the worst out of all current systems. PS3’s blue ray is IN MY OPINION overrated when it comes to video games. Many 360 games have graphics that are on par with PS3, and you don’t need to have an expensive TV in order for it to look good, unlike the PS3.

  3. Online Services; Yes, the PS3 is free, but I feel as though there is less to do on the PSN and there is not much of a sense of community on the PSN, and I feel like it’s severely lacking in content. As for the Wii, well the friend code thing really bothers me. People are supposed to meet new people, hence community. With the 360, you pay for very good service, and I have never had any issues playing online.

  4. Price to benefit; the 360 has always been cheaper and as mentioned above, has more content than the PS3. It is slightly more expensive than the Wii, however, you get more content.

  5. I enjoyed Halo, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach, Gears of War series, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2. The majority of these are basrd on the 360. I’ve never really been a fan of PS3’s heavy hitters, God of War 3 and Uncharted (while these are undoubtedly good games), and the Wii’s Super Smash Bros Brawl is fun, but honestly you can have just as much fun on SSB Melee for gamecube. The 360 just seems to have better game choices.

Please keep in mind that these are solely my opinions.

For graphical fidelity, you must not have played any Sony games (Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 utterly destroy anything on the 360 graphics-wise). Also, both systems are designed for HD, so that’s where you will the big differences.

PS3 does not have an endless stream of folders (unless you create them yourself). By default it lists all your games under games, movies under movies, etc. 360’s dashboard (not the old blade system but the NXE) is the one with endless amounts of lists and sub folders.

The PSN community is less chatty, I’ll grant you that. But on the flip side there isn’t the blatant bigotry on PSN that there is on 360 (this is my main issue with live; matchmaking and the like are fine, it’s the people who are terrible).

More content does not necessarily imply better content (as anyone who owned both a PS2 and Dreamcast can tell you, the Dreamcast had fewer, ut on the whole better games, largely due to the strength and variety of the first party publisher’s titles; what do ya know! an analysis of Microsoft of ratings for Microsoft and Sony titles shows that Sony titles average a good two points higher on average).
Modern Warfare 1 & 2 are multi platform. But Gears of War and Halo are indeed good games.

As for the price comparison, the arcade is cheaper than a PS3, but crippled for a 360 (the harddrive is needed to play certain games, damn near required for many live services, and is required for the limited backwards compatibility. And unlike PS3’s hard drive, it is not replaceable with any old hard drive; it must be replaced with a proprietary over priced Microsoft one. I stuck an off the shelf half terabyte Momentus hard drive [the same brand, but higher capacity and RPM than the stock 80 gig that I had] into my PS3 for less than half the price of the 160 gig 360 drive, which was MS’s largest off the shelf option at the time). If you want to compare apples to apples, the 360 Elite (formerly Pro, before that model was axed and the Elite’s price lowered) and 120 GB PS3 (slim) are the baseline models and both currently sell for $300.

Also I have about 25 360 games (plus a dozen or so arcade games), so I by no means hate the platform (the buggy hardware just has a tendency to get in the way of my enjoyment of the games).

Just so we’re clear: it’s okay to have differing opinions, but it is not okay to have differing facts. If you’re going to compare the two, you need to make legitimate supporting claims. Live has a chattier community than PSN, and 360’s library appeals to you are legitimate claims. The rest are FUD. PS3 has legitimate weaknesses, so please address those before making things up.

Why is everything some kind of battle/competition? :roll:

For the record,when considering beween 360 and PS3-when I bought the 360-I went with 360 because of price, games library (i.e. Halo), and more consistant online experince. Also, I enjoy all Halo games, but mostly 3 and Reach.

Every word you just projected, I totally agree with. I love all of the Halo games, even the story line (given I played Marathon/Durandal/Infinite as well).

However, I am the one who chose Linux. That program and streaming for my life. All the MMO’s I used to play, it was perfect for. Oh man. Does anyone know if a gundam RTS (Real Time Strategy NOT the other one) exists? I would love to throw a bunch of mechs around at each other.

My response was aimed at GNzaku. Some of his comments were erroneous. It was not intended to be a battle. As I said different preferences are fine. Just don’t spread FUD to support your position. Note that I conceded one of his points (about PS3’s community not being as close knit as XBL), and noted that others (appeal of a game library) are subjective. I was not seeking a fight, my writing style just tends to be aggressive (again: future lawyer here). Remember: I have a 360; I wouldn’t have purchased one without believing that it had some excellent gaming experiences (Fable 3 will be fun to play). I think the offense is partially due to a typical one console-only mindest.

I do my gaming on my PS3. For me it had the better choice of games. Uncharted, GoW, Demon’s Souls, and soon to be The Last Guardian (Shadow of the Colossus is my all time favorite PS2 game). I’m not a halo fan so the way I see it, most games that are “microsoft/xbox exclusive” I can go and play on my PC. EX: Left 4 Dead
The PS3 is also not region encoded for games. Kidou Senshi Gundam Senki Record UC 0081 is currently on its way from Japan to the US to be played for days as I shut myself off from the world. :wink:
To the point of graphics, I don’t want to argue anyone’s point, but in my experience there are quite a few games that have a delay in loading their textures… it’s minor but that kind of thing irks me.
Some would say that a gaming system should be a gaming system, but I love all the extras the PS3 can do. With the PS3 media server, I can stream almost anything on my computer hard drive to my PS3… such as Gundam Unicorn ep 1 and all it’s sexyness. The card readers have come in handy a few times as well. After some fun with friends we all hung around the house and watched the day’s pictures in a slideshow with it.

Besides all that, I also have a wii. I don’t play it very often, but I can’t wait for Donkey Kong Country Returns. I loved DK on the super nintendo. :sunglasses:

I’m not going off of anything you and GNZ are talking about. I’m just asking if you are serious.
Fable 1 was a start. Fable 2 was horrific.
Peter Molyneux cannot make games. Just saying. You are literally the ONLY person I know looking forward for F3. I gave up on everything it was. Stand strong though.

Maybe it’ll be a good game for once, and I’ll look like a ponce.

I’m not going off of anything you and GNZ are talking about. I’m just asking if you are serious.
Fable 1 was a start. Fable 2 was horrific.
Peter Molyneux cannot make games. Just saying. You are literally the ONLY person I know looking forward for F3. I gave up on everything it was. Stand strong though.

Maybe it’ll be a good game for once, and I’ll look like a ponce.[/quote]
I’m a gamer, not a pseudo-gamer (read 360-FPS fanboy/girl). Fable 2 was fine from a gameplay perspective (story was pretty pathetic though); it’s no Mass Effect, but it’s still a fun game series.

It just didn’t go well for me at all.

Yahtzee almost says it pin perfect for me. The biggest thing for me was the movement physics. I wanted to shoot myself. Why oh why is my character drifting? Can he not plant his foot into the ground enough to get traction to turn properly? Yes the story sucked, and even after you bought all of the towns, it was no fun screwing with the rent.

I just didn’t like the entire game. I’m actually more for the Halo series honestly. I’ve explained this but it isn’t the only thing.

I’m more for RTS’s like Command and Conquer. Or Forza. Will destroy anyone in this forum at Forza. That IS a challenge. I do get conceited about my precision grand am/le mans/gran turismo driving. Racing is my thing. Although, the PS3 is coming out with GT5, and I need to have that game.

BTW for Gundam Unicorn lovers (basically the entire Forum), you should be aware that PS3 owners will have access to the whole episode nearly 2 weeks before anyone else. I’ll be sure to chat about it in the Unicorn thread. :twisted: :smiley: :lol:

This x10000000.
We get it at the same time as Japan does on the PSN and their advanced blu-ray sales. :slight_smile:

Xbox 360. It’s kinda the only thing I can play at the moment and I love it’s games (Bioshock series, Halo series, XBLA).

I love Bioshock. Wasn’t as thrilled with the second one though… Have you seen some of the shots for Bioshock Infinite?

OH MY G.O.D. YOU HAVE NO CLUE! I did not get the fortune to play the 2nd BIOSHOCK but I saw the INFINITE 10 minute gameplay trailer on the Escapist Magazine website. I nearly flipped my s**t when I saw it. I want it so bad! And Fable 3 has been getting some reputation as good, but I would have to play it. As SFA mentioned, it was bad (I played mostly for achievements), but it is a risk I might take.

Xbox 360 is my main gaming platform. While I do have a few pc games and one that I mod a lot on my 360 is my primary.

I have all the major FPS’s for 360, Halo and CoD series and a lot of other great games like Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, and Dead Space. I am still unhappy with next gen consoles and their lack of good Gundam games though. Nothing beats the PS1 and PS2 Gundam battle Assault and Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo games.

You liked Journey to Jaburo!? Seriously!? :shock:

This generation hasn’t been too bad to Gundam fans; you just have to own the right systems (PSP and PS3). If you ignore the Wii (and who doesn’t at this point?), PS3 is the system of choice in Japan (and outside of the US in general), and consequently the best Gundam games are made for it (and PSP).
If you just have a 360, I could understand why you’d feel underwhelmed by this generation’s Gundam games, since all the 360 has is the Japan-only Operation Troy/Mobile Ops (360 = region locked) and the fun (but mindless and repetitive) multi-platform series, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.
On the Sony systems it is different. You’ve got the previously mentioned DWG series. There’s also the versus series of Gundam games, which has always been pretty great (too bad it’s been stuck in Japan since the third full game in the series); the previous couple of entries made their way to PSP (in Japan, bu PSP is region free), and the latest arcade entry in the series is based off of a PS3 board this time, so it’s likely that it will make its way to the PS3 (in Japan at least, but that is no obstacle for the region free PS3).
0081 is also supposed to be pretty good. Ditto for Another Century’s Episode: R (which technically is a Gundam, Code Geass, Macross, etc. crossover game).
Of course all of these good Gundam games are Japan and/or PS3 only.
Good Gundam games go to the platforms popular in Japan, this was true for the SNES, the Saturn, the Wonderswan, and the PS2. It is now true for the PSP and PS3. The only real exception to the good Gundam games paired with popular in Japan systems rule was the Dreamcast, which got Federation Vs. Zeon, Gundam Battle Online, and the phenomenal 0079: Rise from the Ashes, despite the fact the the DC was never a big hit there.
360 caters to repetitive genres popular in the West (FPSs and sports) and is pretty much ignored in Japan, so why the hell would they put the best games in a Japan-centric franchise on it? (Besides the off chance of Microsoft writing Bandai a fat check for an exclusive Gundam game).
Gundam Crossfire was the Japanese PS3 launch’s number one selling game. Gundam games sell well on the PS3 and that is a big part of the reason why the good ones stay exclusive to PS3.

Yeah I still love playing that game :smiley: The ability to control the gundam and use the beam weapons is so much fun. The game that came after this one was Zeonic Front for the PS2 but while it was fun it wasn’t as fun to me as Journey to Jaburo was. I liked being able to use thrusters to get in the sky and stuff. Not to mention once you beat the main game you can be whatever MS or Gundam from universal century you want on side mission levels. Some of them were like horde mode in Gears but this time you hold off the zaku’s lol

It still shocks me there isn’t a gundam game yet that lets you design your own Gundam and fight against others online. Sure, I love the games that are based off of a series but it would be cool to have an original Gundam game that isn’t based on any specific era and lets the player design their own Gundam. I would probably never play another game lol

And don’t even get me started with Gundam battle Assault. I love the first 2 but when they made GBA 3 it really ruined it :cry: