Victory, Turn A, and ZZ

I don’t really like these ones I have watched them what do you like or hate about them?

ZZ was alright. It was kind of depressing, but I found it enjoyable. The ending was alright, much unlike Zeta.

Turn A was also good. It has the best setting of all the series, possibily because our favourite director killed his depression. It also has a good message, and from what I’ve heard, it connects other series together. I’d rather not have it this way, but that’s what I’ve heard. Other than that, Turn A is the best on this list here.

Can’t say much for Victory… It’s one of those series that happens 30 years into the future, I don’t like that, and I never got the concept of fast forwarding so much time. They could have made a series in 009?-010? without all the stupid destroy the world warring. Victory is my least favourite here. I like V2 Gundam, and Stand Up To The Victory is quite nice too. Also, I don’t like Katejina one bit.

I like each of them.

Especially Turn A Gundam. I personally label it the best Gundam series ever made (Designs set aside)
ZZ was … erm well, you imminently remark it wasn’t Tomino’s idea in the first place. The plot of Episodes 1-25 is just … childish.

Usso Ewin rocks and you see him thinking of new moves while he simultaneously fights against hostility.
The enemy suit design is “highly unsatisfactory”.
Tomino just created this series to make Bandai a fool.

Never watched Victory or ZZ yet, but I have watched some of Turn A and it’s become a favorite of mine as well. Interesting characters, relaxing presentation and atmosphere, action scenes that are pretty believable, a great setting, and I enjoy how it tries to connect the earlier UC series together. Only thing I don’t like about it is the european vibe I keep getting, haha.

Turn A is great, it’s very different ( even though I paused on it and decided to try and watch destiny… Not such a good idea ) it has a great setting and as many mentioned if it didn’t have such odd and sometimes unmemorable suit designs I’m sure it would be considered one of the best if not the best series. As far as ZZ I’ve watched a bit of it and it doesn’t feel special at all it just feels kind of average so I kind of dropped it at least for a bit, hopefully it will pick up a bit but it feels childish as someone above said.

Victory I haven’t watched so no opinion

Victory and Turn A were boring. ZZ is the only reason I don’t have a complete hate for UC, only UC based show I can watch without skipping thru parts or entire episodes.

Victory and Turn A had to grow on me . I had to watch about half of the series to get into it. There ok at best. And as far as ZZ it was a let down for me I loved MSG, Zeta the ZZ. I don’t hate ZZ I just don’t think its that good

I consider Victory to be a good series despite the depressing ending and the numerous on-screen deaths of the major characters. I just find other mobile suit designs to be bad. However, I still liked the show.

I haven’t seen Turn A yet so I don’t know what to tell. I never liked the mobile suit designs and so far it has been the only thing that’s keeping me away from the series, but sooner or later, I’m gonna try it.

I just have started watching ZZ. The first episode was a waste.

I found Victory to be quite boring, I did not finish watching it. From strange mecha designs to main protagonist youth I simply could not like it.
ZZ was ok, but not brilliant in any way, it was a follow up to Z but simply did not invoke as much emotion like my dislike for Kamille.
Out of the bunch I would say Turn A was my favorite and i found liking it more than the other two. It simply wasn’t as tedious to watch as the others.

Currently watching 0083 and really like the approach and style… feels more “american” and not so weirdo-japanese-style like Zeta Gundam :wink:

In all fairness, you mean years. Zeta was made in the 1980s, and feels reminsicent of the 70s, and 0083 was made in the early 90s and has a bit of a 90s feel to it. It’s also not made by Tomino, if you notice his stuff, it doesn’t have a mainstream dress code and things like that. Also, it’s the music.

Still learning :smiley:

You’re watching 0083?

Wisely chosen, mister

I really like it, interesting is that when they are on earth their gundams are WALKING… in Z the Gundams were just zooming through the air, to hell with gravity :smiley:
But ok, it has been done in the 90s so a more realistic, better known approach… but so far I really like it. The huge man-like woman beating the crap out of the drunken pilots… lol

Best thing about Stardust Memory for me…


I’m not really a fan of the concept of next stage of human evolution or a generation of higher humans such as Newtypes, Coordinators, Innovators, and X-Rounders.

And why is that? Just curious, and sorry if I’m derailing the thread a bit, haha. I’m not much of a fan of it either. It’s been done too often, I feel.

I agree - the Newtype thing is just to much… its like an excuse for the whole series to have people who are awesome and can pilot this stuff - I think it is also way cooler to have “normal” people like military fighterjet pilots drive those things and push them to the limits!!

Especially when the cyber Newtypes start doing their psycho shit like in Zeta Gundam, for me that was to much… not fighting, hovering around in space talking to themselves for minutes what pressure they feel and how strange that is and acting all surprised bla bla… ^^

Man that got out of hand later on… Haman vs Scirocco… I thought those effects where cool but man where they unrealistic.
Btw. The O. Ftw.

To each his own. I for one like the Newtype concept. I think it’s an interesting take on the progression of human evolution. That and I like the notion of people truly being able to understand one another.

It is interesting and I do like the concept of it, but I think Sunrise is milking it a bit too much now. They’ve portrayed it in many ways, but it all boils down to the same concept. But does it need to be portrayed again? And again after that? I think by now we understand the possibilities of human evolution in the future, haha. I say give it a break and let something more down-to-earth become the focal point for the time being.