Victory Gundam HGUC

The V1 Gundam is actually one of my favourite designs, due to how modular it is.
So of course, once it went on sale, I had to get the high grade of it. And it’s actually the best thing to go with.

If you’re wondering about the Core Fighter, I unfortunately broke the second V-fin and now I need to send out for a replacement.

EDIT: The kit smegging owns, the design is a compact RX-78 inspired design that feels like the natural conclusion of where non-psycho frame Gundam design was headed, the articulation is solid, it comes with what you’d expect, and overall I think I’m doing well (and saving money) by mainly going for High Grades. Also, the size is fittingly small for such a compact MS. Another curious thing is that in the manual, there is a list of every titular lead suit they’ve done up to that point minus CCA, F91, SEED(obviously), 00, and AGE, latter of which was wrapping up at the time (RX-78-2, Zeta, ZZ, G, and Unicorn) before advertising the HG Double X, HG Wing and of course, the Victory/V1. Which you own. Really, my only complaint is that the shoulder joint is a wee bit big for the corresponding polycap.