Very Fine Detail Brushes

I need to get some very tiny sized brushes (0000-000) for doing detail painting on the small 1/100 scale figures that come with MG kits. I can also use them for working on my SD kits. The smallest I have is a 00 but that still isn’t small enough. Does anybody have any particular brushes or sets they can recommend? What do those of you who do small figure painting use? Do you use magnifying lenses or those headset magnifyers at all?

I myself would actually like to know this as well. I’ve always wanted to paint those little figures. Just never really could cause of the small detail.

Just a heads up the resin website e2046 is selling tools, i grabbed a bunch of brushes, 0000, and 00000 for 2.50 each as well as a bunch of other things!!! Generic brand but AWESOME. Only downside is the shipping time from HK.

Great way to save on tool prices.

I got a very weensy brush from aaron brothers. It’s a 000. I just went there and looked for the smallest brushes I could find.

Thanks for the info on e2047, I ordered some stuff from them. I don’t mind waiting for stuff from HK.

I’m not sure if this is fine enough but it’s a 20/0 brush

20/0 with a good tip should be enough. I use a Princeton brand brush for super detailing everything I build (not just Gundam)

I’ve been thinking of getting some fine tip brushes myself, but I’m really hard on my brushes, so I can’t justify spending too much on a single brush. The thinnest I use is a Tamiya extra fine brush. The price is about what a single Citadel brush is, and it has a good tip.

The size or number brush is kind of irelivant, its a good quality brush you need with a fine piont. I use a number 2 brush to paint figures from 28 - 75mm in size, the only time I use smaller is when I’m painting eyes and then I use a 0 or 00.
The other major factor is you paint type and how you thin it and you technique. Have a look at YT and how to paint 28mm figures.
I would recommend you have a look at getting a Rosemay & Co ( if your in the UK) or a Windsor & Newton brush.

I use these.


But these are surprisingly good as well.

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I’m not the best artist. I’ve painted MG figures before, and I can second that its the very tip that counts. You’re almost dabbing it. Doing a base coat on the entire thing first makes the other smaller details stick I think.If you dip your brush and there is too much on it, wipe it off until its almost dry brushing with the tip.

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