Venture's Lazy "One Day" Builds

Well I got a bunch of kits from the GSAM sale and I need to do them. Finals are looming but as I procrastinate studying I picked out the HGUC GM Sniper II to have some fun with. Rather than spreading it out and being patient I decided to try to finish this in one day. I almost got it all done but I needed some extra time to spray a flat coat and do a bit of final weathering today.

When I started this kit I wasn’t in love with the color scheme and I really wanted to try dry brushing and weathering techniques, so I went at it a little hard with a file and a hobby knife.

The color scheme was a “Titans” color scheme as I bet the Titans were around the EFSF a little before 0083. This guy was a rugged special GM Sniper II that wasn’t seen during the One Year War and was a great survivor of several skirmishes. Anyway this is my first time dry brushing and it was a bit overdone but I quite like the end result. I think this is one of my favorite jobs besides my Sinanju. I used a few stickers from the RG Mk II titans and a sheet of HG Water Slide Decals.

Cutting, sanding, cleaning, masking.

Little Draken E ^.^

Painted up!

Decaled and Dry Brushed (looks really over done ;; )

Flat Coated

Paints Used:
Krylon Oxford Blue
Krylon Navy Blue
Krylon Paint + Primer Black
Rustoleum Brilliant Metallic Gunmetal
Krylon Acrylic Clear Flat

For Detaling:
Gundam Marker Silver, Metallic Red, Metallic Green Black and Grey
Testors Copper Enamel
Model Masters Graphite Metallic, Chrome Silver enamel
Model Masters Gun Metal Acryll (not really “gunmetal” just a dark dark navy blue)
Tamiya Dark Sea Grey Acrylic

Finished Build Pictures on Imgur:

I’m pretty proud of the build that came together so quickly and it doesn’t look too bad. My fourth kit and my first HGUC kit was actually really fun and it’s really quite pose-able and solid when I think back to the few no grade kits that would shatter in my hands as a child.

Great Job! My one day builds usually don’t even involve paint, this looks pretty good!

Hey, I’m working on a GM Sniper II as well :slight_smile:

Yours is looking spiffy and I think the Titans color scheme is a good match for it. The drybrushing does look a bit overdone, but it’s really not bad at all. Did you weld the leg seams on the Draken-E too?

I didn’t cement the Kraken E because it was so small and I didn’t know if I could sand in all those tight crevices. I’m still really new to hand painting and I didn’t think the paint would bleed into the seam so badly. Next time I dry brush I’ll be sure to get more paint off the brush and try to make it look more realistic.

As soon as finals are over I’ll start on the EWAC Zack for some fun.

I tried welding the seams on mine and it was painful for one of the legs so I can understand your hesitance. Still haven’t primed it yet so I don’t know if it was successful at all.

For a one day build that looks fantastic sir. I wish I could build and paint stuff that fast.

Yeah definitely fantastic for one day of building heck it’s fantastic for a month of building. I can’t even paint a model much less do it in one day.

Wow, that does not look like it was done in one day. You have some great skill.

Continuing on with the trend I woke up early today to get started on the Xekueins, another kit from the GSAM steal. I’m a little conflicted over the design because it’s supposed to be an EFSF armor but it looks very Zeon-ish. Anyway I never read gundam sentinel so I wouldn’t really know >_>

The suit itself looks pretty nice but the posing on the rifle is terrible to say the least (not to mention the trigger finger gives me fits). Anyway I have to go pick up my sister from the airport and hopefully I can decal and do a little more detailing tonight!

That looks great! Nub marks are invisible. The E.F.S.F. suits in the Zeta era are Zeonic in nature.

I have never even seen that thing before. But it looks amazing man. Another stunning kit.

unfortunately I couldn’t finish today because the ball joint in the ankle broke, good news is that the kit is decaled and dry brushed and flat coated. Just waiting for the cement to do it’s magic and tomorrow it will be all done.

Can’t wait to see it, especially the drybrushing. Always good to see some drybrushing.

Glad it’s done. Can’t wait to see it.