Valvrave - New Mecha in April 2013

Did you hear about this one?

Looks pretty amazing :smiley: Excited to see it in April! Of course their will be model kits for it:

Very interesting indeed…i look forward to this little diamond in the Rough…

Looks like the suits take after the enemy from age. Which in my opinion stink so I don’t think bandai is taking my money this time.

It definitely has the AGE feel to it, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

I’ll second that.

The design of the head reminds me of the VF-25 series from Macross: Frontier. At a glance, the overall design looks promising so I’m not counting it out yet. It still has a chance of getting my money.

They might get my money. It’s a decent enough design.

Might as well watch this one while there are no active Gundam mainstream series.

New stuff :slight_smile:

Yeah, I really like the design actually. Don’t know if I’d buy the model because I’ve cut back on buying them. I don’t suppose there’s much of a chance this series will get dubbed.

If they don’t dub this or release it in english version I seriously ask myself in which primitive world those japanese producers live… a worldwide anime fan community needs to be supported!

I really dislike these new overly 3d mecha animes. I will most likely watch the show, especially since it’s called Valvrave the Liberator, pretty cool name! That kit though… those clear parts look pretty stupid imo.

I’m still really excited to watch this and I think this will have a MUCH better chance at getting dubbed than AGE ever had. Hell, put it on toonami! Mecha is what I thought was missing when I watched the return of Toonami.

Amen to that Swag…amen to that!

Aniplex of America has acquired the licensing rights to valvrave and crunchyroll will be airing the episodes with English subtitles.

I saw the first episode already. This is a lot better than Gundam Age. The unit Valvrave is pretty bad ass. I’m gonna follow this.

Good I thought I was the only one that liked it and found it interesting. The reviews just trashed it completely!

I thought it was awesome! It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here, and to see if that girl is really alive

I watched it last night. I understand where the negative words came from, but I think it’s too early to be bashing a series after only one episode has aired. The thing I hated most was how the main character piloted that mech like an ace with no prior training. I know it’s a mech anime and all, but the setting reminds me WAY too much of Gundam.

Haruto was injected with something. Maybe it has something to do with it.