Valvrave Episode 11: *Spoilers*

I only have one thing to say about this episode.

Haruto, you dog.

I am more curious to what Saki is thinking right now. She doesn’t want Haruto to apologize to Shouko about…Last episode.
But I think Saki doesn’t want Haruto to think he is responsible for the events of the previous episode.
Stop hating Rukino. She is awesome.

And as for Inuzuka. Damn he looks good in that suit.

Akira just had a moment that describes all people on the internet…well for the most part.

And POOR…POOR…Shouko…

This Anime is was Gundam SEED SHOULD have been. It’s what I expect, but it’s far more interesting!

Dude, we have a thread for the Valvrave anime,