Valvrave Episode 10 -SPOILERS and Trigger Warning.-

…My brother was curious of what I was watching…I let him watched Valvrave with me and…the end of that episode gave him the wrong impression of what I was watching.

Guys…Head trigger Warning.

Did Sunrise go too far???


I have to agree with you here. Without giving too much away, while they didn’t really “show” anything, that was just way too much

But then again, we should expect this giving the fact that valavrave and geass share a director. Maybe this was meant to upset us just like that time when euphie was forced into a genocidal massacre

Heh, didn’t realize that. It will probably play a role in the coming episodes. I’m interested in seeing how it will effect the dynamics of the rest of the team and if they’ll suffer the same curse. Also, I want to know who’s gonna get the purple Valvrave. My money is on Shoko.

Its Akira. They hint this out in the opening.