Untitled Gundam Novel Project

Today I’ve started on writing my own Gundam novel which for now is called Untitled Gundam Novel Project. The premise for the novel is that in the future, humanity has expanded into space and began colonizing planets in different star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy. The prologue explains a bit of the origins of this inter-galactic expansion in style similar to the way The Lord of the Rings films shows off the origins of the One Ring and the war that followed. I’m still getting my thoughts together before I actually post it. You’ll see bits of Zeta, Crossbone, 00, Star Wars, and Halo. Stay tuned as I begin posting chapters and possibly pictures for an index to accompany the novel

YAY! I’ve almost finished Compiling mine. but i may need someone to proofread it. I get carried off on a tangant sometimes and it doesnt sound right.
Good luck my friend! I love Zeta, Crossbone, 00, Star Wars, and Halo. throw some starcraft in there and you are set!
Looking forward to it!

Hey, can someone pitch me some Russian last names? I need to give my prologue villain a name. I also need a name for a scientist/defector for the prologue (not Minovsky).

Tsyplakov, Afinogenov, Tretiak, Konstantinov, Zhitnik, Karpovtsev, Zelepukin, Kalinin, Yushkevich

These are all Russian NHL-ers I thought of. Tsyplakov was from Belarus, though.

Thanks squeam.

What about Zeitzev (if ive mispelled that wrong i humbly apologize lol) or Gegarin